Sunday, June 19, 2011


My friend Legal Eagle launched his blog recently. Diehard tennis fans, give myballsmyballs a read! Amazing how he can dissect, analyze the sport into smithereens! hehe Seriously, this is one guy who is into Tennis A LOT. His blog promises to also feature other "balls". Coming from him, that should mean a lot of posts cumming! LOL

Congratulations, Legal Eagle!


By: Legal Eagle said...

Thanks, boss! Yeah, lots of balls. Another blog entitled: "My Two Balls" within the year. It's my thoughts on anything other than Tennis. Thanks for the ad, boss! :)

luke lacson said...

good job! im a tennis junkie as well. at least there's a blog for plu's made by plu that caters to tennis.

thanks for sharing it, sir! roger won. pffft. better luck next time, nadal! vamooos! :)