Sunday, September 30, 2012

roofdeck ramblings

It's been a while since I've been here on the deck. Well, it has been raining a lot. And I have just been too busy, running after the numbers for this year and preparing for next year. Yes, that time of the year.

Some people think being on top as CEO life would be easier. No one to answer to. Well, corporations organized for the long term will always have someone to answer to. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors, the 'owners'. Even those 'owners' ultimately are answerable to government, to its consumers. It's the accountability cycle of life, I guess.

So it's never easy for the CEO. Imagine trying to wield control over a million factors, or at least a semblance of it, so you could deliver the numbers at the end. And yet all of that can seem so out of your grasp: government regulation, competition, suppliers and clients. And even those that should be under your direct control, your people, your assets, can sometimes just become as unwieldy.

A nice Sunday evening and I'm thinking of work. Sigh.

Well, I did have a good run. Pushed myself again to do 11km, five times around the UP academic oval. The weather was just peachy at 4pm when I started. I saw a few eye candy running around. One, in particular, had great shoulders. And he was running quite fast. Di ko mahabol! LOL

On another note, a sadder one, simply red was sideswiped last night along C5. This Honda Civic, a '96 model, I believe suddenly changed lanes and hit my rear fender. And this morning, I saw that there were gashes on my mags. Uggh. For a while there, I was hesitant to pull over because it might be one of those carnap MO's. But I had to check it. I was livid. And fortunately, the driver didn't speed away and followed my lead. As we parked by the curb, out comes this bagets, literally, at 21 years old. He was apologetic. And was totally clueless on what will happen next.

He whispered that it was he was trying to keep his girlfriend from stepping out of the car in the middle of the road. WTF??? "She has esteem issues." (I quote him verbatim). I didn't even want to hear the explanation. The worst part: he didn't bring his license!

PC immediately gave me the number of MMDA and I was able to call and ask for roadside assistance. Though I was assured that a cop was going to be dispatched, 45 minutes later there was still no cop!!

I held on to his car keys so he wouldn't run off. Meanwhile, girlfriend was inside the vehicle. And according to him, she was blaming herself for everything. Hay! Salot talaga ang mga bilat! Kidding!

Actually, he is quite cute, fair, lanky. And he had this endearing twang as he spoke. But I appeared macho, pare. Besides, he just hit my precious simply red! So no amount of cuteness will spare him my wrath.

No MMDA came an hour after. So we were forced to just exchange contact numbers. PC made sure he signed a document of liability and accountability. And so far, all numbers and addresses checked out. He is so lucky that he was able to escape penalty for driving without a license.

So after two years, my simply red is no longer blemish-free. Ugghhh! No matter how careful you are as a driver, you cannot control the other drivers on the road. Or the circumstances.

And my Catholic boy upbringing is now playing with my head. Was this some sort of signal from above? Or maybe I have been remiss with something and I am getting punished?

The incident has stimulated emo-ness once again. And despite the good run, and because of this Argentinian Merlot beside me, I am still in that emo mood. The beautiful full moon in the sky is looking down at me blankly. She stares at me. And I feel it is a gaze of judgement. A veil of clouds start to cover her eyes. And a sentence is not passed.

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Ybarra17 said...

I am glad that your faith in God still plays a significant role in your life, considering. Just want you to know that God does not punish anyone. God is always on our side. He loves us far greater than the sins we have blindly committed. God bless you.

joelmcvie said...

Gad wanted the bagets to (literally) bump into you and PC. Kasi the bagets is really a VIP (vhaklur-in-progress), AHAHAHAHAHA!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Hahaha! I kinda lost it at "Salot talaga ang mga bilat"...