Friday, September 28, 2012

the A-Sexual Man

Curious creature, isn't he? PC and I were discussing this gym acquaintance of mine. Uber-cute, with the deepest dimples this side of Makati. LOL. He workouts regularly, and his lean frame with abs is the proof. A professional with a flourishing corporate career. He just stepped into the 40's, yet remains unmarried.

BADING! or is he? A million and one gays have attempted. I have yet to hear of anybody who has succeeded in getting this guy into bed. I have had the chance to talk with him before (and attempt flirtation). And he really struck me as just ... "unconcerned". A strict vegan of many, many years, he follows an almost Buddha-monk lifestyle (if you ignore the workout regimen). No TV, no loud music, no alcohol (gulp!). Just books, meditation, and occasional family bonding. He is not anti-social either. But he was never a party animal.

And honestly, my gaydar was not set off. Even if I wanted it to. And neither was PC's. He just seems asexual.

Is there such a creature?


jamie said...

maybe he was sexual one time, then decided he had enough. 40's and still single, I know many straight men who fall into that description. some are on the hunt, some just couldn't be bothered.

rudeboy said...

They exist.

Anonymous said...

nakakainis un mga ganyan! haha baka nga nagsawa na before pero nakakainis pa rin hehe

Anonymous said...

baka naman na heart broken before at hanggang ngayon hindi pa nakakamove on. haha! i know one STRAIGHT guy who is still single in his 40's.:)