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Ram and Omar 2

The contract was the first thing he noticed on his desk when he arrived that Thursday. It had a note from Dragon Lady: "Ram, pls process. Approved as supplier." He had a huge smile on his face as he read it. And he actually felt proud of Omar. This one he accomplished totally on his own, without any nudging from him.

It took more than a month, which was pretty much the time it took for others to get accredited. And in that span, he had probably seen Omar about four to five times. He was asked a few times for coffee or drinks. And he politely refused. He certainly didn't want to be seen wining and dining with potential suppliers.

But looking at this contract, all ready for signing, he felt he could relax those rules a bit. It certainly appears that all is done and, well, they could 'celebrate' the accreditation. He couldn't help but remember how good Omar looked the last time, with his short-sleeved polo, bursting at the biceps. And those trademark sexy jeans. Only he could pull it off. And though not really a stunner, Omar has the face that you just like looking at, with a boyish smile and a slang that just rolls out of his tongue so well. I'm daydreaming at 830am, he thought to himself.

"Hello. Your contract is ready for signing." he texted him.

And the reply was almost instantaneous. "Wow! Thanks! Super thanks! Do I go to your office later?"

"No need. I need to go over that with you in detail tomorrow."

And almost as if Omar read his mind, "Where do you want to have dinner?"

"After dinner. There's this place near the condo. I'll see you by 830ish."

"Cool, Thanks. Thanks."

He still had a smile on his face as he went through the chores of the day. And not even the bitchy comments from Dragon Lady on the new office furniture could wipe that smile off.

Friday afternoon seemed to take forever. Too long. He hurriedly left the office to be home before 7pm. He caught take-out dinner on the way. And he made sure not to forget the contract.

He looked at his tidy condo and realized there wasn't much fixing needed. Yes, suddenly he had hatched a plan for the night. And that night would end in his condo. He brought out some of the drinks in his ref. Hmmm. Omar looks like the beer type. But that will take forever to take effect. He lined up the Absolut Vodka and the Jack Daniels, all left-overs from dinners past. He brought out the Corona, just in case the guy insists. And the chips. Something light. And that special salsa.

He took a long shower, using that loofa to make sure that his skin is all smooth. He looked at the mirror as he was drying himself off. Not bad for a guy pushing 30. Okay, past 30. Waay past 30. He laughed. He liked how his body is so toned now. He had the right muscles. And his midsection has slimmed considerably. Well, the abs you could discern with enough imagination. Will Omar find me sexy? A moment of self-doubt.

It was past 8pm when he was done. The flossing and toothbrushing and mouthwash gargling was an effort. But he had to make sure that he was make-out worthy. And the cologne had to be perfectly chosen, too. Nothing too strong, or flowery or lemony. After a few dabs, he was done. The clothes had been chosen previously. Friday night casual. Hang out wear. Perfect.

He left at 825pm, for it was 5-10 minute walk to the bar. Sure enough, Omar was already there, looking even more handsome. He melted with the smile as he approached the table. He ordered for beer (figures, Ram thought) while he had his Chardonnay. The talk was about little Tommy, and work and business in general. The place turned out to be noisier than he remembered, so they were leaning towards each other. And he could smell the heavenly, masculine scent of Omar.

"Oh, I forgot the contract at the condo. Let me get it." Ram interjected carefully.

"No need. I can sign it there, I guess?" Omar asked.

"Yeah, you could. But you'd have to walk a bit."

"I don't mind. Need to burn this" pointing to a non-existent belly.

"Oh ok." Ram concurred.

"We can go now, if that's okay with you."

"Sure. Let me settle this."

"No, Ram, this is on me."

"Omar, we are friends now, I insist on at least going Dutch."

"Not today. Next time."

With that settled, the walk back to his condo seemed more like floating. Ram was giddy , and laughing at Omar's witty remarks and stories.

When they got to the condo, Ram showed him in and pointed to the contract on the dining table.

"Silly me. I placed it there so I won't forget to bring it. Still I did! Senior moments, I guess." Ram wailed.

"You never looked your age, Ram. You look great."

Ram blushed and immediately made for the kitchen to prepare drinks.

"Can I look around?" asked Omar.

"Sure. Feel comforable. That's the bedroom door on the left."

Omar went in as Ram took out ice cubes and placed it in the glasses. And when he was done, he wondered why Omar hadn't come out yet.

He brought the two glasses filled with whiskey to his bedroom. And he almost dropped them when he walked in.

On his bed, Omar was sprawled with only his red underwear on. He was busy texting on his cellphone when Ram walked in. He looked up and immediately put aside his cellphone.

"I made myself comfortable." he said with a smile.

Ram was transfixed for a moment. He regained his composure and slowly placed the glasses on the side cabinet. He looked at Omar before slowly taking a seat on the bed, as Omar moved over to give him space. He still wasn't saying anything. He was just looking at Omar, looking at his eyes. And what he saw in those big, beautiful eyes of his was not lust. It was affection. And it melted him more.

Omar slowly moved to kiss Ram. Ram was still unmoving and speechless. And finally, Omar's lips landed on his, very lightly, even tentatively, as if Omar was expecting Ram to suddenly react violently and pull away.

But that didn't happen. Ram closed his eyes and allowed himself to taste those lips, lips he had always fantasized about. Up till that point, a part of him was still stuggling. That part that felt that this is way out of line and totally unprofessional.

However, with that one tentative kiss, all fears just faded into the abyss of affection. And he opened his mouth to receive Omar's mouth, and tongue. And soon, he feft Omar's hand pushing his face even closer and closer, the kiss becoming more urgent, more intense.

Omar fumbled with the buttons of Ram's shirt when Ram suddenly pulled away and stood up. Looking disoriented, Ram didn't know whether he should proceed. He felt conscious of his body, especially beside such a perfect specimen as Omar, with his abs, and his chest. He felt so fat, so unattractive suddenly.

It was as if, again, Omar read his mind.

"Will you please stop being so self-conscious? Ram, you're gorgeous, you're hot. I knew it the first time I saw you." Omar got up and kissed him once again.

"I... I'm just..."

"Shut up. Let me do it." Slowly, with more dexterity this time, Omar unbuttoned Ram's shirt to expose a developed chest. Omar's free hand glided gently across his torso as Ram closed his eyes to feel it. Soon he felt Omar kissing his neck, licking it as both arms went around his waist to draw him even closer. His wet kisses felt so good even before his tongue finally found his ear lobe. With light flickers that suddenly changed tempo to wide licks, he felt his ears burn with passion.

Meanwhile, his own hand grasped Omar's back and slowly made their way into his firm butt. He could feel his own cock stiffen as he squeezed one butt cheek and feel the smoothness against the fabric of the underwear. Omar pulled back slightly to allow him to lick and bite his nipple. Though ordinarily not his primary erogenous zone, he was suddenly responding to each bite, to each lick. He realized how sensitive Omar has made his nipple feel.

Omar gently guided Ram back to the bed. And as he lay there, Omar unzipped his pants and pulled it. He looked at the image of Omar on top of him, smiling, looking every bit as sexy as he always imagine him to be. And aware that he was being stared at, Omar finally removed that red underwear, to expose a manhood so thick and hard that Ram gasped under his breath.

Omar bent over and yanked his briefs out. And proceeded to give him a blow job he wasn't about to forget. With the way Omar was working on his cock, he couldn't believe he even thought of him as straight previously. But the guy is really good. He knew when to pull back and when to be tight. His tongue even played around the head of his cock, and that drove him nuts. The sight of Omar's big, round shoulders, and triceps as he went down on him was too much.

Omar then stood upright again and then kneeled on the bed and approached him as he lay there. He placed another pillow under Ram's head and pointed his cock toward his mouth. Without any need for prompting, Ram engulfed the engorged cock as much as he could, gagging a bit at the start. It was definitely thick. And in that position, he couldn't control Omar's thrusts. But he was not about to just give up on sucking the juiciest dick he has ever laid eyes on.

He looked up to see Omar looking at him, so turned on by the sight of his cock inside Ram's mouth. He kept on moving his pelvis to make sure that he could see his shaft going in and out of the mouth. He also started to play with himself, as he felt his mouth and throat adjust.

Soon enough, Omar pulled away and was jerking his cock frantically.

"Ram, I'm near. Shit, I'm about to come."

"Come on my chest. I want to see you come here." pointing to his own developed chest.

Omar couldn't hold it any longer. He pointed his cock towards the chest and heaved as semen spurted out of the head, thick globs of come. The first one reached Ram's neck. And Omar continued to pump the thick cock until all the juice had been extracted.

And yet he wasn't done. He grabbed some of his come and immediately placed it on Ram's own hard cock. He proceeded to pump the come-lubricated dick wildly, tightly. It was almost hurting Ram but he was too close to the pinnacle to complain.

"Shit..... Oh shit. Ahhh" His own come flew in the air, landing on his bed sheets. Omar continued to pump the rigid cock until Ram was about to shout in pain.

"Stop, Om, please stop... Aahhh" he grabbed hold of Omar's hand and pulled it away.

Spent, Omar lied down beside him, panting.

After a few minutes, Omar started the conversation.

"Look, I know about all this 'no shitting on your backyard.' thing. I wasn't born yesterday. But... I couldn't help myself."

Ram looked at Omar, wondering if this was really happening.

"I like you a lot. Whether or not I got the contract, I wanted this to happen. And please, it's not about this contract. "

"I ... I guess it's not. Look, I wanted this to happen, too." Ram admitted.

"But I thought I'd have to try so hard to even get to first base."

"Hahaha. I guess we both had the same thing in mind."

"And just to set your mind at peace, I made projections. Even at your best, your stores will just be giving me max of 15% of my business. I can easily get that elsewhere, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, and I appreciate what you're saying. Really, I do."

"So, if this is going to be complicated for you, I can even just abandon the application."


"That's how much I like you, Ram."

"No need for that, Omar. That's extreme. I told you. I thought about this, too. And as far as my conscience is concerned, I am pretty clear that you did this on your own merit."

Omar blushed a bit. "Thanks. Really. But beyond that, I want to take this further."

"Aren't you going a bit too fast?"

"Fast? Ram! We've been practically seeing each other for more than a month. Besides, I know how I feel. ... I just don't know how you feel." and Omar turns away.

"Omar, I like you. That's it. And if you want to take this further, I'll go there with you."

Omar's face lit up like a light bulb.

"Let's just take it slow. No need to rush. I'm not seeing anyone anyway. I don't even know about you. You've got a family."

Omar cut him. "I've got a kid, and parents. That's my family. And even if I'm not out to them, I know we could work something out."

"Slowly?" Ram asked.

"Fine. Slowly." Omar replied and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Let's cuddle some more."

Note: This is a friend's story. A few years after, Ram and Omar are still going strong. When PC and I heard about their romance, we knew it had to be shared. You don't find love. Love finds you, even in the most unexpected places. Even in those places you thought Love shouldn't exist. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Cheers! CC

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this story hahaha, it's like a fairy tale no?

Kakatawa the red underwear, it dates the entire thing. Charming.

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Hi CC,

I've been reading your blog for years and this one is just a gem!


Hustin said...

I so love their story. :)

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i love it....

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Awwww.... ang sweet nakakainis lang! hahaha!... :)

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Wheew seems like a fantasy but its just real. :) its great to hear ppl being happy face