Monday, October 29, 2012

SAHC: Playlist of Yesteryears

My high school barkada and I were into dance music of the 80's as .  Vacation afternoons, or even after school hours were spent listening to the latest 'disco' or extended remixes of popular tunes.  And practicing what the dance groups would be doing on TV.  From WEA, to OctoArts to Dyna to Dance Promo, we were fans.  

We expanded this dance horizon, and eventually expressed it, when we started hanging out in the gay bar 690 in Retiro St.  This happened when we were in our 4th year in college, when we could save enough of our measly allowances for that night out.

Funny, now that I look back at it.  A couple of college badings hanging out in a gay bar, the kind with gogo boys (called macho dancers then)!  But that bar gave us the space to express ourselves.  No need to be conscious of who might see us.  We went there to drink a little and dance a lot.  (We didn't even have enough money to have those charlie browns (callboys) sit with us.)

Gay bars like that would always have gay impersonation as entertainment.  And those pretty trannies would always amaze us.  And from their shows we would actually learn a few more songs to add to our playlist.

I finally found two of the songs I remember from that period.  They never became popular.  But to us, this was the ultimate bading music (baklaan kung baklaan! LOL). 

In the barkada, I became associated with two other female singers because of these two songs.  I saw them on Video Hit Parade (the show on Channel 2 that puts together all the music videos in a one-hour program, before MTV channel came to our shores).  And I instantly liked them.
I was ridiculed for my choices, especially Meri D. Marshall.  She was just too plump to be a gay diva!  But at least Martika crossed over to the Billboard 100 with 'Toy Soldiers'!  

These songs had me singing along, ala gay impersonator, complete with dance steps!  Thank God for YouTube! (and for those kind souls who actually uploaded these videos.  KINDRED SPIRITS!)

p.s. SAHC = Sex at Hayskul College, what was supposed to be a continuing series on cc's growing up years


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