Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I introduced Innova Guy (Iggy) in this post, way back in January 2010.   For the weeks that led to that post, he was making my days at the office a little brighter.  With the way he would pass by my window.  Or how I would catch a glance of him at the commercial area.

Then it finally happened.  I met him.  Inside my office.  Even more dashing.  And that meeting led to a series of inumans.  And the inevitable reality ending.  Nothing was going to come out of this.

I gave an update about Iggy a few months after.  And I wasn't as affected anymore.

Fast forward to 2012.  That is still pretty much the state of affairs.  I would still receive nangangamusta messages.  And through those exchanges, I find out what he is up to now.  The new house.  The new business.  And a new baby.  I'm happy for him.  And I'm glad that he still reaches out to me.  Even if I never initiated any communication.

Last Sunday, another kamusta text.  Which ended predictably with: Sige I'll see you soon! Catch up tayo.  Then a few minutes after, I get this Facebook notification: Baby Iggy wants to be your friend.  Curious, I clicked through and found that he actually created an FB profile for his 6-month old son!  LOL I approved the request.

Soon enough, there was a private message: Hello Tito!  Could you be my ninong?  What the..?  I replied in the affirmative, and sent Iggy a verification text: Boss, ginagawa mo ba kong ninong?

Well, it was no prank.  He confirmed that he wanted me to be one of the ninongs.  And when he finally brought over the invite to me, he just said that he truly values the friendship that we have established.  And the best way to cement that was as Kumpare!

So there!  The ending to the story of "The Man Who Used To Pass By My Window".  

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