Sunday, January 6, 2013

cc c on c4 (cc comments on comments)

Thanks for comments, raiders and friends alike. Regretfulky, I do not respond to all your comments. Sorry.

Letme just reply to some later ones, particularly on the Siem Reap post. No, I didn't try the Men's Resort though I've been told that the place is quaint. And the bath house is full of foreigners. Next time! Sorry, can't "share" Khmer Twinkie to you. Hehe He might be floored by requests from Pinoys! LOL. Just hang out in Linga Bar next time you are in the area.

On the recent turn of events in my love life, thanks for the reassurances and advice. I know things will turn out well, whether I eventually end up with a partner or alone.

Year of Faith posts will continue to come. If my posts somehow resonate with you, then I am extremely pleased. You are kindred souls, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry cc. Raiders are always here for you.:)

sentosa park said...

Tnx CC. will realy visit that Linga bar and look for your twinkie....and if he will invite me hmmmm..Have a safe and enjoyable trip to KL.

Anonymous said...

When is the next segment in the life of Lucas coming out??...i miss him na...hihi

luke lacson said...

"Life has its way of teaching us. Life has its way of confusing us. Life has its way of changing us. Life has its way of astonishing us. Life has its way of hurting us. Life has its way of curing us. Life has its way of inspiring us." - Y Tu Mamá También

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.