Friday, February 8, 2013

Blogging is Dying!

Is it? Mcvie has been asking that question for quite some time now. He has noticed how the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have "accommodated" the idea of blogging. And because of sheer convenience, these have actually replaced blogging: the ‘timeline or wall post’ or the ‘tweet’. He cites Miggs, who lately has been posting on FB what seems like blogposts related to his advocacy.

Dear raiders, how have your blog-reading and posting habits changed lately?

Well, I definitely still blog. Although, I admit that I blog much less than before. Work has been getting in the way of blogging. LOL. And of course, a new love life. LOLer (?). Sometimes, it's really just a dearth of new things to write. But Lucas has given me a new direction, a new outlet and it has been quite gratifying.

But my blog reading has dropped drastically. I do not follow any blogs regularly anymore. I visit only when I have some spare time, and I want to just find out what they are up to. I must say, however, that I was never really a big blog reader in the first place. I don't even post a blogroll in my blog. Schedule just constrains me.

I suspect that my blog has become victim to raidership drop, too. Regular raiders have become occasional raiders, or has even dropped my blog altogether.

Am I spending more time on the social networks? Well, yes, but not because of the same motivation as blogreading. I follow people on the networks because I am interested in them as people. And should they be bloggers, too, well, that is purely incidental. I enjoy reading what they share as people I know.

Will I ever stop blogging? I really don't see myself stopping, maybe just slowing down. The blog has become an extension of my self, despite the few posts. My mind still processes my thoughts and experiences using the blog as filter: "could i blog about this?" I am still motivated to post, and looking at some blogstats encourages me. But the best motivation of all happens when one of you tweets, pm's, messages, emails me as cc. Either to react to a post, or to simply tell me that you read the blog.

So maybe, even if I will end up with one raider, I would still blog.

Because I Blog Therefore I Am.

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Anonymous said...

I will always and forever be your raider. I see to it that i check your blog everytime i go online. Waiting for your new post. Keep writing cc!

Hustin said...

I guess kanya-kanyang oras yan. Ang mga napapansing kong ganyan ang sentiments na "blogging is dying" ay yung matagal ng nagbo-blog. there are new generation of bloggers who like you then ay ginagawang chatroom ang comment section ng blogs. at unti-unti ng nagiging friends outside the realms of blogs. and if you as them that question, they'll disagree. :)

As for me, i'm always interested in the things you write. :)

Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly, only you articulated them better lol i used to blog, mmm, 2-3 times per week, with some diligent bloghopping and commenting. but sadly, i posted less than ten times for the whole year 2012 =0 and yes, i would have to agree that twitter is killing my blog, when it is so convenient to spit out a 140-character witticism and be rewarded with an RT, follow, or reply, even from celebs and strangers. hoping to absorb some of your positive blogging vibes =] err hope you are well, met you in a TLY cafe event last year, but lost communication na via email. happy chinese new year =]

Seth said...

what i dislike about social networking posting is that people tend to share too many things, often trivial, without even composing their thoughts about it at all.

i still prefer blogs than short quips

rudeboy said...


Yes, it is.

Ken said...

Blogging, in a sense, is not dying. It may go into an another form, but it won't die.

I still prefer reading blogs, because it makes one an "anonymous" reader, lurker, and commenter, rather than using social media platforms where you inevitably leave traces of your identity everywhere.

(I used to blog too, before. But I am a closet corporate guy as well (previously a closeted student). But because I have become too busy (and add to the fact that I have the tendency to overshare things through my blog), I stopped blogging altogether. But I am still a reader, so blogs like yours still have followers like me.)

Macintosh said...

This isthe only blog i read and ever commented on. I hope one day i could blog things but apprently as of now my life is full of bore and my parental filter has affected me much that i almost adhere to my parents advice of not sharing every shred of life i havetoother people which i find very absurd. Even my facebook is carefully filtered becuase constantly my parents read them. Haha. Such a fuss
Cc ifyou stop blogging. Ill be losing hope of one day blogging my own after graduation.

Dont falter.

Anonymous said...

dear CC
mula sa isang masugid mong tagabasa na kka retire lang : PLEASE WAG KANG MAGSAWASA KASUSULAT! salamat salamat salamat!

Anonymous said...

I still follow some blogs, including yours. But I think a lot of bloggers have their reasons and expectations for blogging and I guess after a while when those expectations weren’t met, they decided to fold. I still prefer blogs though, they are just better presented and the topics have more depth. I don’t bother with tweets at all. I find them annoying.

Anonymous said...

Just dont stop blogging...we're here to support you(and Lucas) every step of the way..end of story

Anonymous said...

Pa promote... hehehe...

I just started blogging about my love life. I am a closeted gay who fell in love with a straight guy...

UrbanKnight said...

I guess time is our biggest enemy when blogging. When I write, I take my time to put my thoughts into words and some more time to proof-read my work. In times when one has deadlines to meet, people to see, places to be, I simply do not have this luxury. Ergo, micro-blogging comes in and saves the day! A quick witticism or two does the trick and satisfies my need to give out a piece of my mind on an issue.

I dare say, blogging isn't dead. It just took on another form to adapt to changing times.

Anonymous said...

Yours was not on top of the list when I started reading blogs but somehow it ended up as one of those I check into. Most blogs are all the same now. How much navel-gazing can we take? Life is not 100% about being gay. I already miss badinggerzie for zaninees and the early mandayamoore for storytelling.

Anonymous said...

please dont. you are the only one i follow. pinoybkkian

luke lacson said...

palihog indi mag untat sulat. 2 lang ka blog ang akon nga gina basa.. isa nada imo.

in taglish haha..

please dont stop writing/blogging. there are 2 blogs that i only read.. yours included. i always get excited upon reading your new posts. especially personal related ones. travel thoughts and the likes.

hakuna matata, cc! :)

mave said...

I think blogging will return like a fashion. social media is a means of updating and keeping connections with friends. blogging for social connections will be gone but blogging for sharing experts in dept views and knowledge about specific areas i think will live on. Examples are gay blogs, photography blogs, technology blogs, religious blogs etc.

ChingRR said...

Hey cc, am now reading your blog ca.2009 & I must say I got hooked after googling pinoy blogs but I only read your blog and no other,(no offense to all other "better/seasoned" blogs)...there's just that element of suspended anticipation of what will come next. Hopefully, because of my close identification with the contents of your blog, you continue writing. It's such consoling thought that someone out there feels the same way I do and is brave enough to write about it. I'll be facing my demons sooner than later and am bracing myself for the tough acts to follow.

Anonymous said...

dear cc, i keep coming back to this blog bec i find your posts esp career-related topics very helpful. there was one post that i liked very much and it was about the importance of embracing challenge / taking risks. i would use the rubber band metaphor w/ my direct reports during our 1on1 sessions when i was still a team leader. :)

i decided to revive my old blog on LJ after 4 years, and encourage my friends to do the same.

keep writing!