Sunday, July 28, 2013

cc on comments

Finally, I should be able to comment on the comments some of you have been leaving.

FiftyShadesofQueer (FSOQ): Thanks for reading and backreading.  I have started to read your blog.  You are a fellow traveler.  A kindred soul many years younger. :)

Nomad: I am giving myself one more chance to prove that I have the willpower to resist. 

Mcvie: I'm saving all these up for you.  And for our next fabcast.

Seth: I really don't know how to react to that.  LOL

Shenanigans: What you said was confirmed by a friend, a director.  Charo Santos-Concio is just too conservative.

Tony: Right, you are.  Can't keep myself from expecting.  But I can lessen my reaction to it.

And to those who want to reach me: or Yes, I do thirty-minute chats over wine.  :)

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