Tuesday, July 16, 2013

cc quickie: Liberating

Last Friday night was my first time to do a night out with my eyeglasses (i.e. no contact lenses). I was forced to. My right eye was just itchy and my vision was affected.

I wear really thick glasses. I’m near-sighted (since Grade 3) with astigmatism (since college) needing reading glasses (since last year). So f**ked up, right? LOL Ever since I could afford it, I’ve been wearing contact lenses. I entertained the thought of undergoing that laser thingie before but never got around to setting aside money for that. So with my glasses on, it’s Revenge of the Nerds, Senior Citizens storyline. hehe.

I think of contact lenses as a fashion accessory, or even a mask. And when those come off, the real me is laid bare, all geeky. Totally unattractive.

But finally going out as the ‘real nerdy me’ last Friday night, to the drinking places near Burgos Circle felt so liberating. I just realized how exhausting it was trying to look attractive and desirable all this time. (“trying” is the operative word) I was always so conscious of myself, checking out if anybody was checking me out.

Going out with my thick glasses just took away all of that. I didn’t feel compelled to see if anybody showed interest. I knew I was really plain so I didn’t even bother.

And that felt good.

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Yvarra17 said...

Be yourself.

Anonymous said...

i heard lasik isn't really too expensive

Anonymous said...

i heard lasik isn't really too expensive. try inquiring at reputable hospitals

kalansaycollector said...

well im thinking of trying contact lenses na, ilang years na rin akong nakaglasses kaso iniisip ko kasi parang may ibang dating kasi ang salamin. may character kumbaga. hehe

DocDonnie said...

I had my Lasik at UST 2 years ago. It was a best decision of my life. :) One problem lang is since we are in our forties, we will have to still use reading glasses at times. Di na rin kase matolerate ng eyes ko contacts. If you decide, I can refer you to my Ophtha.