Thursday, July 18, 2013

nasty thoughts

I've seen him a few times before. I noticed him because he is cute. (I realized I am basically a face guy. I really get attracted to a handsome, symmetrical face first. The musculature is secondary. Yes, I know it explains a lot.) And cutely proportioned though vertically challenged. But he actually is lean and sexy. Again, all properly proportioned.

But he really caught my libidinal attention only yesterday. He came from the wet area draped by a towel which nicely exposes his slim midsection. And that wet towel clung precariously to his shapely butt. (I am a butt guy, too). That made me take a second look, without being obvious.

He modestly went inside one of the dressing stalls and came out in shorts. And this is the thing that blew me away. The shorts were large enough at the waist to drop low, even below the hips. And it showed the curve of his butt. From the side view, it got my pulse racing. When he turned his back to me, I could even see the top of the butt crack. An effing sexy butt crack. No underwear, methinks.

My knees turned weak. But I had to look away. He shouldn't catch me staring at his butt. He might think I am one of those lecherous old fags. (Shut up.)

It's been a while since I have felt this lust towards a guy I don't know. And this is despite being so exposed to hot, gorgeous hunks in the gym almost everyday. I look at them. I admire their bodies. I envy their bodies. But I never lusted for them, you know what I mean?

I was thinking why I felt this way. He isn't even conventionally hunky and handsome. He is short, and maybe to others, twinkish. Is it because I have not released in awhile? And why him? He didn't even seem to be my type. Or did my preference change?

I quickly owned up to this and 'fessed up to c3. He reiterated that there's nothing wrong with lusting over someone else. But it's what's done because of that last that breaks hearts and relationships.

It did feel good to be have felt it again. It made me feel normal.

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FIftyShadesOfQueer said...

I agree with c3. Though one must run away from temptation when it rise. :)

Seth said...

LOL all this time i didn't know you were top

Anonymous said...

And so the recurring cycle begins.