Monday, July 1, 2013

NO to Xpectayshen!

How does one love without expectations? And I refer to romantic love here. Or specially about romantic love.

I seriously wish I could.

Why? I feel that the root of my disappointments lies in my expectations. I expect that I will be treated in the same manner and courtesy that I extend. I expect punctuality. I expect gratitude. I even expect reciprocity.

So I quite expect someone to think and act like me so my expectations would be met. And that is insane. Even twins don't act and think alike.

I just feel I would get disappointed less if I expect less.

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tipzstamatic said...

Hope more, expect less? :)

Victor Saudad said...

i'd be crazy to date somebody like myself.

we'd definitely be in argument at each point of day.
"where to go?", "What's for dinner?", ... basta. we'd be in constant arguement. that would be crazy.

Yvarra17 said...

Expectations are seeds of resentment and anger. Because your vantage point is from your-SELF, one cannot truly enjoy the OTHER. In fact, the SELF is the nemesis of true happiness and contentment. Let go of your-SELF and enjoy the moment. No expectations is bliss. The Ego has to give way in order that one can discover one's True Self - that which is much bigger and wider than expectations on the level of superficiality. Love then becomes deeper as it gives happiness to the other.

Tony said...

Expectations are how you wish things to be, or rather how you were brought up to expect how things should be. It is your programming that was formed from your experiences, environment etc...

One does not love (or live) without expectations but I think love loosen one's expectations or at least makes it more allowing and forgiving.

Have you wondered how does your partner love you even with your expectations of him? I sometimes do. :P

Anonymous said...

A wise friend told me once that "Expectations are planned resentments." Being an OCD freak that I am, that's when I realized why I had so many resentments in life hahaha. Now I only hope for things to come/happen. But then again, the more obvious question arises: "How do you delineate hoping from expecting?"