Saturday, July 26, 2014

Advocacy Series

I've been watching the online gay telenovela from Australia. (Since it's not really on the telly, then it shouldn't be a telenovela. I'll call it webbynovela.)

The Horizon, it is entitled. Kinda funny title for a 'serious' webbynovela revolving around LGBT characters (hmm. Though I haven't seen an 'L' character yet) I just stumbled upon it (as most online content are 'discovered'.) And though it started really slow, the series, now on its 4th season has actually picked up pace (and acting skills).

It started in November 2009, and has continued to this day. Amazing. There's a paid subscription if you want to be ad-free, updated (and are generous to donate). It is a fine example of branded content, produced by an advocacy group, sponsored by LGBT-friendly brands.

Story-wise, it developed pretty slowly. The actors in the first season were not as "nice" to look at. But a lot of them have since been replaced. You will probably develop preferences as you go through the seasons. But the latest ones have improved considerably in looks and acting. Yes, some of the actors are quite delectable hunks, to my taste at least.

I like that it is only about 10 minutes per episode, well-produced and in HD (the better to see those shirtless actors). And the street-smart queen bee is a drag queen with a bitchy tongue and a heart of gold.

Hey TheLoveYourself! Let's do a Pinoy cover. LOL

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