Friday, July 4, 2014

the friend's ex

"Hey Luke, do you remember me?" The FB message read.

Luke looked at the profile that read "James". Hmm. When he looked at the profile picture, he recognized him.

"Hey there. Hello James. How have you been?" Luke messaged back to start a thread.

"Been good. Wow, it must have been ages since!"

"I know! That was like three relationships past."

"Hahaha. I love the way you keep track of time. Are you still with that company?"

"Nah. I moved to another firm now. How about you? You used to be in a bank, right?"

"Yup. The banker. But I'm moving again. Soon. LOL"

"Are you still in touch with Ben? I get to chat with him from time to time."

"Ben, my ex? Yeah. We still talk, from time to time. Why?"

"Nothing. So, whatever happened to you after Ben?"

"Well, I have a new partner. Well, not really new, though. We've been together after Ben."

"Wow, that's probably 8 years now? Congratulations!"

"Thanks. It's been working out. Actually I saw you at the gym last week."
"You sure it was me?"

"Yup. Weren't you at the Fort last Wednesday? You just did cardio on the bike."

"Haha. Yeah that was me. Where were you? Why didn't you say hi?"

"I didn't think you'd recognize me. Besides, you were so serious with what you were watching."

"LOL I'm always like that."

"You maintain yourself well, Luke."


It was James' turn to ask. "So how about you? You've got a new love since... what's his name?"

"Since Dennis? No, am single now. But dating, you know the game."

"Haha. Actually I don't. Been a long time since I've been single."

"Ah yeah. But of course, been partnered doesn't stop anyone from acting single. Haha"

"Hey. I don't do that."

"But you did! I remember."

"Shut up! That was a long time ago! Hahaha. Hey gotta go. Can I get your mobile?

Luke didn't reply immediately. "Sure." Then he typed his number. "Chat soon."

He immediately went to check James' Facebook page. Hmm. The guy still looked great. Hot, even with a little less hair and more forehead. Luckily, the page wasn't as private. So he was able to browse a few more pics. Growing older actually fits him. He got a bit excited but that was easily doused by the thought that he does have a partner. Shortly after, he got a message on his mobile. "Boss, save my number. James." 'Boss?' he wondered.

After a few days, his phone was buzzing after dinner. It was James.

"Boss! How are you?"

"Hey. I'm good. Just chilling at home. You?"

"On my way home from a meeting. Driving now."

"Put this down, dude. This is not safe driving!"

"Hahaha I'm on Bluetooth, Boss."

"Fine. So you are bored driving."

"Hahaha. Traffic's bad. Which is typical on a Friday eve."

"Ok. I'll keep you company. So how's work?"

"Light now. Wrapping up. Turning over. Been thinking about you."

Luke got excited. "You have? Why? What about?"

"Trying to remember how we met."

"Ben brought you over to meet Dennis and me. We had dinner."


"At our condo. You were so quiet. Even quite a snob."

"What do you expect? You guys were 10 years older than me! " James laughed out loud.

"Asshole. But you had this 'attitude'."

"Like what attitude?"

"Like you were so bored. Like you didn't even want to be there."

"Hahaha Of course not. I'm just naturally quiet. And really, I was just in my 20's then. And you all were having such a chatty time. But I noticed you."

"You did?"

"Yup. Was wondering to myself what you saw in Dennis."

"What the?? What's wrong with Dennis? He's not bad looking."

"Come on. He's not your... match."

"What do you mean?"

"Good looking guy like you deserves someone who looks a lot better!" James laughed again.

"Hahaha You flatter me."

It wasn't even just flatter. It sounded more like flirtation.

"Uh Ok Hahaha Thanks. Well, he had some nice qualities. Besides, it didn't last anyway."

"Wait, Luke. I'm almost home. Will call you when I'm settled."


It took a while before James called.

"Hey there. I'm all settled."

"Took you a while to 'settle'"

"Hahaha. Yeah. Took a quick shower."

"Good for you. You must feel refreshed."

"Yeah. Still toweling off." That made Luke swallow.

"Oh. Hey if you are still busy, we can chat another time."

'Nah. I'm just taking my time to dry off. I usually take my time just lounging in my towel."

'Okay. Okay', Luke thought. His heart started beating faster.

"You wanna do facetime?"

Luke was suddenly conscious. "Sure. Wait. Hold on." He had to check himself on the mirror. How did he look? He was in his boxers and tank top. His hair was still in its place.

"Call me."

After a moment, the Facetime call went through. He got to see James again. And true enough, he still looked good.

"So where's your partner?" Luke asked.

"He stays in the province mostly. I go home during weekends. You've lost a lot of weight. And bulk."

"I was fat before. I was heavy."

"You look even better. Fits you."

"Thanks. Well you have certainly changed. And you're right. I may not have recognized you if I saw you now."

"Hahaha Why? Is it that bad?"

"No, crazy! It's just that you've really grown up."

"Hahaha I was a scrawny kid just a few years after college when Ben brought me to your place."

"Malnourished. Hahaha"

"Gee, thanks, Luke! You are just so great on my ego right now!"

"I'm kidding. I actually found an old photo of yours from that dinner. You want to see it?"

"No way!! Just throw that out! I don't want to be reminded of how sad looking I was."

"Shut up. It wasn't bad. You were young and... cute."

"Really? You found me cute then?"

Luke regretted saying that. He didn't want to flirt. But there was no taking it back.

"Yeah. You were. I mean, you're still cute."

"Aww. Thanks, Boss. You look great, too, Luke. You lost a lot of weight, I noticed at the gym."

"Well, decided I didn't want to be too bulky."

"I like what I see now. Hot."

'Really? How hot?"

Suddenly the camera went from front facing to back facing. And Luke was surprised to see an erect penis, legs and feet.

"That hot, Boss."
Luke was stunned for a moment. "Whoa. Nice."

"How about you?"

"Ok. Wait."

He lied down on the bed and put the phone down. He took off his clothes and grabbed his phone. He positioned it so his torso and cock were in view.

"Fuck. That chest. That cock." James moaned as he started stroking his cock. And that turned Luke on. Seeing someone get turned on by the sight of you is always a major turn on. He continue to hold his phone on one hand and stroke his own cock with the other.

"Show me your asshole." James said.

Luke hesitated. This guy thinks I'm a bottom? Fuck. Anyway, it's all Facetime. Luke decided to give in. He quickly repositioned his camera. He raised his legs and aimed at his hole.

"I want to fuck that hole."

"Oh yeah? You really want to fuck me?"

"Yes, Boss. I've wanted to fuck you since..." his voice trailed off. All Luke could see was his cock and more jerking.

"Open your ass cheeks wide so I could see your fuckhole better."

The position was awkward. He had his legs up and he was still reaching out to open his butt cheeks as he had the camera on one hand. This was quickly making his dick soft.
James' camera was shaking. Obviously, he was getting off on this.

'So the guy's a top.' Luke thought to himself. 'Well, this will all remain in cyberspace. No way am I going to bottom for him.'

He refocused the camera to his own cock as he was jerking it.

"I want to fuck you, Luke. Would you give it to me?"

Luke decided to just indulge the guy. "Sure. Sure. I'll let you fuck me."

"You'll be on your fours and I'll ram my cock inside you."

Feigning passion "Yeah, dude. Fuck me with that cock of yours." Thankfully, he was hard again and he was nearing climax.

"You getting there? I wanna cum. Badly."

"Yeah. Yeah, dude. I'm like almost there." More heavy breathing. The unsteady camera was still focused on his fat cock. "Let's do this live, Luke."

"Yeah sure."

"When? I want to put my dick inside that tight hole of yours."

"Soon, dude. We'll set it up. You near?"

"Yup. almost. almost."

Meanwhile, Luke couldn't hold it anymore and he started to squirt manjuice on his pubes.

"Fuck! That's hot! Ahh. I'm coming, Fuck! I'm coming."

Luke looked at the screen as the fat cock oozed semen out. Nope, he wasn't a shooter.

After just a few seconds, Luke said "Let's clean up. Let's talk soon." And he hung up.

He got some tissue and cleaned himself up. He laid there wondering what this was all about. This was the ex of a friend. True, it's been years and years since they broke up. But he's still the ex. So it looks like he had always had this thing for him? Why didn't he know sooner?

Then, his thoughts turned somewhere else. 'Didn't he say he was faithful? What was this all about? Isn't cybersex counted? And did he really seriously think I'd bottom for him? No fucking way. He didn't get a follow up text or call days after that. He just forgot the whole thing. Until about two weeks after, when he got a missed call.

He was deciding whether to return the call. He had forgotten the episode. And it wasn't as satisfying as he had thought it would have been. He decided not to return the call. But he answered when James called again a few hours after.

"Hey, Luke.. how are you, Boss?"

"Hey. I've been okay. You?"

"It was my last day. I start my new work after next week."

"Good for you. You going on vacation?"

"Just going home to the province. It's been a while since I saw my folks."

"Good for you. Congratulations on your new job."

"Thanks, Boss."

Awkward silence followed briefly.

"Uhmm. About what happened that one time."

"Hey.. forget about it."

"No. I wanted to apologize. I... I was just horny and we've been having problems.."

"Dude, no need to explain. I totally understand."

"It's not just that. Luke... well, you've always been my crush. And I got carried away seeing you after all these years."

"Me, too. Well, not exactly crush. But hey, you've always been hot. But I know your situation. And I just played along with what happened."

"I sensed that. But I enjoyed. Even if it's just cyber. You know."

"Haha. I have to tell you, though. I'm not a bottom. I just played along."

"I got that, too. Hahaha. I saw how awkward you were. Haha"

"Yeah! I don't know how bottoms do it. Hahaha"

"I know, right. But you're really hot, Luke. Stay that way."

"Hahaha Thanks. I will try."

"Catch you later. Partner's coming."

"No problem. Go. See you."


Luke scratched his head. He didn't know what to make of this. How should he feel? Was he supposed to be flattered that he had always been his 'crush'? How come there's a part of him that felt unhappy and ... 'cheap'? ... even 'used'? Does this even count for 'bad sex', if it was all virtual? Then, on a deeper level, there was that guilt. He is still a friend's ex. Did he betray him? Even if it had been eight years since they broke up.

He shrugged his shoulders and just chose to forget the whole incident. This is one of those times when being a swinging single just didn't bring the satisfying outcome that he wanted.

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