Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Weight Reduction Scheme

My weight hovered around 140-141 lbs for, like, months. Despite the nutritionist counseling and the workouts, I couldn't seem to make my weight go down to 137 lbs, which is super-ideal for my height and small frame. My trainer suggested that I do the tasteless diet: a diet bereft of seasoning, including salt. Even for just a week. Of course, this also meant tight control on fat, and complex carbs (desserts).

So I instructed the help to prepare my meals as such: nothing fried, just baked, boiled or grilled. No salt or pepper or anything for taste. Green salad with only calamansi as dressing. My carbs would come from wheat bread and brown rice only. I still drank coffee every other day. My only compromise was Fita or Skyflakes as additional carb sources. Yes, not the healthiest, processed and with sodium. But I made sure I limited that, too. And I stuck to the recommended portion sizes. I didn't overeat protein either. (Actually, I couldn't overeat on anything because the bland taste just deterred me. Lesson: If you want to lessen rice/carb intake, your viand should be bland-tasting.) I also made sure I was still exercising regularly - 3 days gym/weights, alternating with cardio (ranging from 30mins to 1 hour).

It was a struggle. Lasang papel as my trainer would put it. But the mind is more powerful than the tongue. So I just kept at it, counting the days. I have to admit that on day 4, I had a moment of feeling faint. I think I overdid the calorie-counting and went way below my 1,650 calories/day. True enough, my nutritionist confirmed it when I submitted my food intake journal. There was a day I just ingested less than 1,000 calories.

After just five days, my weight dropped to 135 lbs, about a pound a day! Finally after so long, I have reached, and even surpassed, that ideal weight. Was it worth it? Heck yeah. But I would have to adjust the calorie-count. And, I wouldn't do it as a lifestyle. LOL. I plan to put myself through this 5-day stretches once every two or three months.

I still need to work on the midsection flab, though. Some tell me, though, that I have to live with that. They say it is really excess skin, skin that has lost elasticity. A function of age. I pinch it and it feels 'fatty', though. So I'm looking at high-low intensity cardio to torch it. Maybe.

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JapaneseAdobo said...

Grabe naman and dedication, focus and discipline! Hehehehe

FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

hot! :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't we not too young anymore to be spornosexual ? Ü

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way to go

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i think you are super sexy and hot already.