Sunday, July 27, 2014

Odd and unsettling

I recently joined a pre-existing group of friends. They have been together for a few years and they exhibited a tangible bond of 'sisterhood', being all PLU's. And as each one started to have partners, the group became bigger during get-togethers. They are fun, spontaneous. They discuss a range of topics, a lot centered around hunks and eye-candy. They pick on each other, berate and 'lait' at times, all in jest. Typical of such groups. And they have brought this camaraderie mobile, with one of the popular social group messaging apps.

As I 'listened in' on those conversation threads, I was quite surprised to notice some statements among them that were flirty innuendoes. And it was coming from the core 'sisters'. How odd.

To be fair, the statements were mentioned in passing. 'Oooh, you've developed such big arms. <3' 'Can I watch when that happens to your weewee?' 'Can I touch?' As I read on and thought about it, I became more bothered.

I belong to many other sisterhoods. And you can never catch us mentioning any statement like that, even in passing. It's like crossing an incestuous line. Ewwww.

I discussed this with one of them. He just shrugged it off as harmless, meaningless bits of conversation. They remain friends and none of them had crossed any line.

I still remain unsettled. But I find myself wondering whether I am being such a prude, in this day and age. Am I being too puritanical for not allowing such friendly coquetry among friends? Is my attitude such a #throwbackthursday?

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Anonymous said...

I'm 44 and i can't imagine myself doing that. It doesn't happen in my circles of friends of the same age bracket.

You go down to early 30s and it gets more and more common. For 20-somethings it's just the norm.

JapaneseAdobo said...

Dont worry CC ure not being a #tbt neither wud i be doing such thing with my friends. Its just pure incest. Lol. And instead of #throwbackthursday we might all e like #throwupmoments

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Your other sisters just do it behind your back, I would know.

Besides, no offense, but you're not a prude.

Simon said...

The PLUs I know speak normally that way.. Its prolly the age bracket

JM said...

As long as it doesn't escalate into something physical, I would just shrug it off. :)