Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear PLU Catholic,

Are you a PLU Catholic? Do you mind answering some questions?

You could post your answers here as comments or email me at for privacy.

Do you feel a need to deepen your faith? In what manner do you think you'd be able to accomplish that? What would you wish you had, or could do, for this goal?

If you could talk to a priest about your faith, what topics would you like to discuss with him? What questions would you have for him?

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chink said...

Such interesting questions…i would like to be part of a catholic faith that celebrates God's love for all, regardless of sexual orientation. Part of my acceptance of being gay and my coming out process was to leave the catholic church; this did not mean that i threw out the window the values that i learned. I just needed space from the institution to listen carefully to what God was saying and not to how his Words were being interpreted. That being said, i do miss the celebrations, the study of scriptures, and most of all, the community life. I wish there was a place where we are not condemned immediately as gay, but encouraged to figure out why we were created by God this way. To focus more on love and unity, and to manifest in us, the guarantee of eternal life that Jesus Christ possessed, when he accepted to die on the cross for the others...

Anonymous said...

I once went to a confession, told the priest that I am gay and was at that time in a relationship. I asked for forgiveness; if being gay and in a homosexual relationship is a sin. I was deeply moved and happy by his answer... he told that me that being gay is not a sin, what makes it a sin is on how we respond to worldly temptations. According to him, just like any other heterosexual relationships, when we are being dishonest, unfaithful to our partner, and are consumed with our lustful intentions, that is when it becomes a sin. Because "LOVE" is the most beautiful thing God taught us, and it is never wrong if we share a certain kind of love with the same sex if we remain honest and faithful to our love. So the challenge according to him is on how we respond and control our worldly urges.