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The Results, Dear PLU Catholic

Throughout the years of my blog life, I would occasionally post thoughts on my Catholic faith. At other times, it would be my interpretation of a gospel reading.

I have noticed that not a few of the raiders would actually read these posts. Some would even comment, agreeing or otherwise. So I felt that my posts on faith strike a chord in some of my raiders. So I posted the survey as a way to confirm whether some of you out there are like me, travelers in this journey of [Catholic] faith.

The Survey Results

To those of you who replied to my questions, first, a big Thank You. It was gratifying to hear from you. I summarize the results:

Half of the respondents felt the need to deepen his faith. 30% have joined a Catholic community (either a Church group or a charismatic community) to continue deepening his faith. A tenth does some meditative prayer.

50% wished to be part of a dyad, a group, or even a community that would help them know and understand their faith better but with no judgments, no admonitions.

Questions to be asked a Catholic priest include teachings on homosexuality, Catechism and some other matters on dogma.

One or two wrote about their spiritual journey. I really enjoyed that. I wish I could post them. They were quite inspiring.

In general, I was able to hear from you, fellow travelers in this journey. You noticed how I carefully avoided citing the actual number of respondents. Lol There were 6 of you, assuming a unique individual per response. I was glad to note that 3 of you were looking for someone or some people with whom to discuss their Catholic faith. You are the people to whom I was specifically addressing the post.

The Background

Even as I attend the services and/or actively pursue my expression of Catholic faith, I still wished I could belong to a circle who understands the unique combination of Gay + Catholic. Within that circle, I would share my insights on the faith, as well as learn from the insights and experiences of others like me. Perhaps that circle would also have an outreach, an outward manifestation of Catholic charity.

I shared this with one of my dear friends over dinner, because he had always been quite devout as a Catholic. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that this also resonated with him. He even knew of other PLU's who felt similar stirrings. My friend was even more active in his faith. He would attend recollections and retreats, or organize personal ones. He told me about the non-judgmental priests and nuns he had encountered during such activities.

In short, I found a kindred soul, a fellow traveler. And together, we wondered whether we could be part of a community that embraced both being gay and being Catholic, and everything else in between.

The Big Idea

So now, we wondered if we could just set up one instead of looking for one. A community of believers with whom we can regularly share the experience of being Catholic and gay. That community would have an explicit objective of helping each other deepen the faith. We hope that we could come across a Catholic priest to guide our discussions. It should be a safe haven, with no judging or labeling.

From time to time, there would be organized retreats or recollections. We can even take up some advocacy, some outreach.

Though I would have wanted less structure, I am imagining that the regular group meetings would be more like 'book club' gatherings. We all read certain books or chapters ahead of time as assignments and discuss when we meet. I remember the Jane Austen Book Club movie and how they just talk about one book at a time, try to relate or even critique it. And in the process, they get to know each other better.

There isn't much yet. I am open to comments. But, would you be interested?

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♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

I pray that this idea works. Any effort in nourishing faith will be supported by God, the Father. God bless you.

yvarra17 said...

I hope this link works.

yvarra17 said...

Here's another resource:

yvarra17 said...

Go to the blog, EVE TUSHNET and A QUEER CALLING for more links and resources.

This is a great project of yours. Carry on!

Jon Carl Aguilar said...

I have been to this "interfaith" Church and been in dialogue with its members who come from the LGBT community. It's been sometime (almost four years) since I've seen them again 'coz the Baptist/ "almost Catholic" rites and the lengthy homilies did not appeal to me. I have maintained friendship with some of them and I'm happy that it stayed that way. I would seriously consider a group where we can share our thoughts on the Catholic faith, have retreats/ recollections with a priest/ facilitator in a loving & accepting environment with members/ friends who encourage each others growth.
Btw, thanks for the blogs. Despite the fact that FB is blocked in the office, your blogs are a pleasant respite from all the freaking and stress in the office. hehehe :)

chink said...


Anonymous said...


I was able to come across this post of yours and was intrigued by your longings. I share the same. When I moved here in San Francisco, CA USA I was directed by a local Catholic parish priest whom I've befriended to visit Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (located in the Castro District---San Francisco's gay district). I was hesitant at first but was amazed how the community welcomed me with open arms and not being judged as being gay. In fact 95% of the parishioners are gay men. It's interesting to note that there are a lot of married (civil- as recognized in California) gay men and women there with adopted children ALL attending Sunday mass. It is amazing! But this comes with a prize----we are being hated by the right wing group and even our Archbishop and some priests but we still kept on worshipping! The church is still open and we are a welcoming & inclusive church! Visit our website: (Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church- God's inclusive love proclaimed here!

Oliver, San Francisco, CA USA