Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Typhoon Tryst 1

Luke got the text from Gabe confirming the meet up in two days. He smiled. He didn’t think this would actually, finally push through. He was just finishing some ab workout at the gym when the message arrived. He stood up and checked himself in the mirror. He smiled at the thought of Gabe.

It all started when he was out on a date with Randy. They’ve been going out a couple of times. But until that time, nothing serious was developing. Randy told him that they were going to meet a friend of his, and his partner. So it was a double date.

Randy’s good friend, Freddie, was actually attractive. And so was his date, his partner, Gabe. They looked good together. But Luke was instantly attracted to Gabe. He wasn’t too tall, with an even Malay complexion. He wore glasses that managed to make him look intelligent and hot. He had an easy demeanor though he was largely quiet during the dinner. Randy and Freddie was doing a lot of catching up. Luke, for his part, was playing the part of the dutiful date, making sure that he was in on the conversation. After coffee, the couples went their separate ways.

“How long have they been together?” Luke asked.

“Almost a year now.”

“They look good together.”

“Yup, they do. Their features complement. I’m happy for Freddie.”

A couple of weeks later, Luke saw Freddie and Gabe again at a big dinner, hosted by one of their barkada. He was still officially Randy’s date, though a few days back, they already had “the talk.”

They were both honest to admit that pursuing dating to another level was not going to happen. They enjoyed each other’s company. The sex was good but not great. But beyond that, they really were better off as friends.

Nevertheless, Randy still brought Luke along. He was mentioned by the host, David, as a must-bring. He thought it woulnd’t hurt. Besides, he was going to be honest to the group, too, that they had just ‘friendzoned’ each other.

It was a long table in a nice restaurant. Luke and Randy decided to sit near Freddie and Gabe. But since the instruction was that couples were not supposed to be seated beside but across each other, Luke ended up sitting beside Gabe.

And even as they were all engaging in group talk,

“Is it true? You’re not dating Randy anymore?”

“Yeah.” Luke smiled. “We are better off as friends, really.”

Gabe smiled, too. “Too bad. But better to be honest about it now, than later, right?” Then his knee nudged Luke’s knee.

“Of course, better that way. “ Then Luke felt that the knee lingered more than ‘nudge’. Gabe’s knee was maintaining contact. Luke felt warm, all of a sudden. He broke the contact and opened another topic.

“So how are things between you?” pointing to Freddie.

“Good. Good. Can’t complain. Settled, I guess.” Gabe sipped the wine and looked away. As if on cue, everyone started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as the waiters brought the cake in. The awkward moment dissipated.

The group talk turned to extra-curricular activities. Freddie chimed in “Gabe’s part of the a gay men’s vocal group. They’re trying to build a Gay Men’s Chorus here in Manila!”

Randy exclaimed. “Wow! I didn’t even know you were a singer, Gabe.”

Gabe blushed a bit. “I’m better as part of the chorus. I sing solo alone.” He winked at Freddie and that sent everyone laughing. “TMI!!”

Suddenly, Randy mentioned Luke. “Hey, I know Luke’s got a great voice, too. Are you still recruiting?” Luke was surprised and gave Randy the ‘look’.

Gabe replied. “Yeah, of course, we still are. You interested, bro?”

“Well… I don’t sing that well..”

“Don’t be modest.” Randy countered.

“I could probably explore it.”

“Yeah, join us and jam sometime. I’m sure you’ll like it. Give me your mobile number.”

‘Smooth. Really smooth.’ Luke thought to himself as he dictated his number.

“Are you a baritone? You sound like it.”

“Probably. I haven’t really determined that.”

“Nice, we need more of that. I’m a baritone myself. Anyway, I’ll text you once I inform the chorus about you.”

“Sure. Fine. No hurry, okay?” Luke replied.

Then it was group picture time. Everyone was standing as the photographer, another guest, tried to arrange them. It was taking time, with everyone laughing and sayin one thing or another. But Luke notice how immediately upon standing, Gabe was beside him at the back-most part, with the wall behind them.

“Cheers, guys!” as the flashbulbs started. Just then, he felt a hand on his back. He realized it was Gabe’s. From the upper back, it started sliding down until it rested on his ass. While everyone was noisy and smiling and posing, Luke’s heart rate was shooting up. He felt Gabe slowly squeeze his ass. He was also getting rock hard from the stimulation. He looked to see if anyone could be noticing. Randy, Freddie, they were all caught up in the shoot.

As they were leaving the place, Luke was still flustered.

“Hey. What’s wrong with you? Suddenly, you’re so quiet.”

“Huh? Nothing.” He didn’t know whether he should tell Randy about Gabe’s aggressive moves. But he decided against it.

“It’s just work. I suddenly remembered I had to finish something.”

“It’s still weekend, Luke. Relax.” Luke smiled as he managed to push the thought of Gabe aside.

Gabe lost no time in sending Luke a message. Luke was quite surprised to receive the message that same night, thinking it would be quite risky for him. But the message sounded tame. It was just a short follow-through on the chorus discussion. On the surface, it seemed harmless. But after that ass squeeze, that message was anything but.

Should he reply and start something with a 'partnered' guy? He had no deep moral problem with hooking up with boyfies. Gay guys have always been quite promiscuous, partnered or not. There were no marriage vows that bind. Besides, he didn't even really know whether their relationship allowed for such. He made up his mind to continue the flirting, albeit carefully. He replied the day after.

The exchange that followed was direct to the point. Gabe was being very consistent.

"I thought you'd never text."

"Why? Because of the delay?"


"I just wanted to be sure."

"Sure of what? That I wanted to go fucking with you? Hahaha"

"Crazy! I didn't have no doubts after that ass-grab. That was quite 'courageous' of you."

"Couldn't help myself. Your ass was just sticking out."

"Does that make you a top?"

"Ooh. I like this. Let's establish ground rules already. Hahaha. No."

"Really. Good. I'm top."

"I just like nice, big butts. But I put my legs up. Hahaha."

"Then we shouldn't have any problem. But wait, are you open, I mean, with..."

"Open relationship? No. But we haven't had sex for 2 years, dude. So we both must be getting that from somewhere."

"You haven't been caught? And you've caught him?"

"Sure there are signs and slip-ups. But it's like some silent agreement. So we just don't bother checking up on each other."

"Ok. As long as you feel this won't get 'complicated.'"

"Hahaha. Don't worry. I'm careful."

"I bet. I just bet this is not a first time."

"Go ahead. Judge me."

"Hahaha. No judgment there, Gabe. Hahaha"

"Anyway, so when are you free?"

Jeesh. This guy doesn't waste any time, does he?

"Wednesday, next week. The 16th."

"What time?"

"You work in QC, right? near Eastwood?"

"Yup. Why?"

"Let's do a lunch quickie."

"What? Where?"

"I can use a friend's condo. Currently vacant."

This was just way too convenient. "Are you sure?"

"Again. Don't worry. The unit's vacant. I take care of it while my friend is away. I look for tenants. And I got the keys. So, Wednesday lunch?"

"Oh okay, I guess. I don't know which condo."

"I'll pass for you. Meet you at your building by 12nn. It will be quick and hot."

Luke was getting a hard-on just thinking about it. It was exciting and daring. Or exciting because it was daring.

"Ok. Done."

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