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Typhoon Tryst 2

The news about the typhoon hitting Metro Manila bulls-eye was creating buzz since Sunday. And it was scheduled to hit on Wednesday. So even as he received Gabe's confirmation message, he wasn't sure it would push thru.

"Hey, Gabe. You sure you want to push through. Typhoon's going to hit on that day."

"I'm still good. If work gets cancelled, even better."

"But wouldn't we have a hard time?"

"I'll make it. And come on, you live nearby, too."

"Ok. Anyway, we're still set."

"Don't go chickening out. My hole's waiting. LOL"

"Haha Okay. Fine. I'm no chicken."

True enough, the typhoon started howling Tuesday early morning. The strong winds woke Luke up. He got up and took a leak and went back to bed. He was sure Gabe would cancel.

At around 7am, he received the message that his office cancelled work that day. He was having his morning coffee as he watched the morning news. He texted Gabe.

"Good morning. You still up for it?"

Gabe's reply came 30 minutes later. "Hey. Good morning. Just woke up. Of course, I'm still up for it. Dick's raging hard right now."

"Whoa. You are a horny one. Ok. So how do we do this?"

"Give you plans in a while. Lemme get breaky first."

Luke stared at the window. The winds were still at it. But there wasn't much rain. It would actually be quite an experience to have hot sex in a weather like this. The message came in.

"I'll meet you at McDonald's Eastwood. Wanna meet up earlier? No work, too."

"Actually, let's meet mid-afternoon. Let's get the winds to quiet down a bit."


"No, I'm not chickening out. Storm is expected to leave by noon. Just to be safe."

"Hahaha. Okay. 3pm then."

Electricity went out at around 1 pm, just as Luke finished his hastily-put-together lunch. The winds had died down considerably. And even the rains weren't so bad. But with the lights out, he was wondering how high up the unit was. Gabe texted by 2pm.

"Leaving in 15mins. See you."

"K. Prepping, too."

There were still a lot of vehicles on the road. With less rain, there weren't much flooded streets. But you could see the havoc caused by the gusts of wind on the trees, foliage. He was able to get a ride that took him to Eastwood.

He was planning to get a burger while waiting at McDonalds. But Gabe was already there waiting. He walked up to Luke and offered a "Bro" handshake. That made Luke smile.

"Dude!" Luke teased.

"Glad you're here, Bro!" Gabe jested in return. "Did you see how bad the winds were? Trees and branches all over!"

"Yup. Hey, are you going to grab something to eat?" asked Luke.

"I'd rather grab something else" he said with a wink.

"hahaha Ok. Let's go. Wait. Do they have electricity here? Where are we going?"

"There." He points at the building. "19th Floor. Electricity? Why? Was it a brownout when you left?"

"Uh huh. Electricity was still down. But McDo has electricity."

"Come on." Gabe tugged at Luke as he started walking towards one of the high rise condos there.

They looked around to see more of remnants of the destruction. There were even some air-conditioning units that were blown away, with wreckage on the streets.

Gabe went inside first. When Luke got in, he realized that there was no electricity yet. He asked Gabe "Dude, what floor is the unit at?"

He grinned. "We'll put those nice legs of yours to work. 19th Floor."

"What?? Are you insane?"

"Hahaha! Come on! What's a little adventure?"

"Dude, 19 floors walking up is not adventure. It's torture."

"So you're chickening out?"

Luke hesitated a bit. "Fine. Let's go. Where's the stairwell?"

Gabe located the stairs and opened the door. "At least they have some emergency lights on some floors. How exciting!" he chuckled.

They started the ascent.

"So who owns this unit?"

"Nobody you know. Hahaha. A good friend from high school. Based in Hong Kong. I mind it for him."


"Sort of. More of property manager. I take care of looking for tenants, negotiating, even preparing lease contracts, etc."

"Nice. How'd you get into that?"

"Just by chance. I had another friend way back who had a similar situation. So I offered to take care of it, for a fee of course."

"Of course. Nice business model."

"Yeah. Gives me some extra cash. And when vacant, I get a playground." he said as he poked Luke on the side.

Luke saw the sign "8th Floor". "Almost halfway there."

"Do you want to stop first?"

"No need." even as he started to pant a bit. "It will be over soon."

By the time they got to the unit, Luke was sweaty and tired. His legs were totally worked out. He regretted doing his squats early in the week.

"We are here." Gabe struggled with the keys, for the hallway was quite dark. After a while, he was able to open the door. "Psst. Come on."

Luke walked in to the well-appointed condominium. Unmistakably a bachelor's pad, a very tasteful pad. But he couldn't see much as the lights were still out.

"I'll get some water. You want some?"

"Yeah sure." Luke sat down on the sofa. "So he has it rented fully furnished?"

"Uh huh. He gets to jack up the price that way." Gabe answered as he brought him a glass of water. Luke quickly drank it.

"Nice. Really nice."

Gabe sat beside him. "Yeah, this fetches a good price." Then he put his hand on Luke's thigh. "But we are not here for that."

Luke felt Gabe's hand up his crotch suddenly. He turned to him and Gabe pulled him close to kiss him.

Despite being tired from the climb, Luke was still horny and excited. He kissed Gabe deeply as he put his arm around him. Gabe reciprocated, letting his tongue dart in and out of Luke's mouth, sword-playing Luke's own tongue. He would gently bite his lips, or suck on the tongue.

Gabe's free hand was massaging Luke's already-stiff cock through his jeans. His touch was heavy and firm. He was squeezing and rubbing the cock. He pulled away and told Luke to stand up.

Luke stood up and saw Gabe removing his belt and yanking down his jeans. His cock straining in his white underwear. Gabe licked the cock through his briefs, nibbling on the length and then playing on the head. He was outlining the cock through the side of the underwear, and soft-biting the shaft. Luke was amazed at how Gabe worked it.

Then he pulled down the briefs to finally expose the hard dick. He held it with one hand and let his tongue play with the head. He looked up and looked straight at Luke's eyes as he played with the head. Luke was mesmerized.

After all that tongue-teasing, Gabe swallowed the head, but just the head. He let his tongue play with the bulb, flickering on the piss hole, then around the base. Luke closed his eyes in pleasure. And when he opened it, he realized that it was getting really dark and he wasn't really seeing much anymore. The darkness heightened the sensation of the warm mouth and tongue, even as he felt the grip on the base.

Gabe swallowed the entire cock expertly, without so much as a gag reflex. Luke saw how Gabe just buried his lips and nose on his bush. Then he moved up and dove again. Luke grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth. Gabe was just taking it all in. No gag.

Then, Gabe stood up and took off his pants and undies. He checked the pockets and found the rubber and two sachets of lube. "Fuck me." he whispered as he positioned and bent over the couch, with his palms resting on the back.

Luke got out of his clothes and put on the condom. He opened the lube sachet and squeezed some on his raging hard on.

"Fuck me, Dude."

He smeared some more lube on Gabe's asshole. First with one finger, then with two, he slid in and out of the hole. It felt warm, hot even, and tight. "Fuck me now!"

In the darkness, Luke had to grope the ass hole to make sure it was positioned right. He guided his rubbered cock inside.

"Easy. Easy, Boy." Gabe whispered, almost hurting.

"Slowly. Shit. Slowly. Put more in."

Luke did as he was told. He slowly got inside, deeper and deeper inside Gabe, finally his groin making contact with the ass cheeks. "Ahhhh. Fuck. yeah."

Luke began pumping, slowly at first, to allow Gabe to get used to the feeling. Then as he got more excited, the thrusting became more frequent. He bent over and grabbed Gabe's cock. It was thick and short. He jerked it off as he was pumping his ass. Gabe straightened up, and let the cock slide out of his hole.

He laid down on the sofa and raised his legs up. Luke grabbed one throw pillow and placed it under Gabe's back, lifting his ass for a better penetrating angle. It was getting darker, so Luke had to make sure he was able to find Gabe's hairy asshole. Finding it, he quickly inserted his cock again, a bit too fast that it made Gabe wince a bit. "Uh. Fuck!"

Luke resumed the fucking. And as his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, he looked at Gabe. Slowly, he was able to make out the sharp, handsome features of his fuck partner. Gabe had his eyes closed, biting his lip as he jerked himself off.

Luke bent over and started kissing those thick lips. It was then he realized that both of them were sweating all over, as he tasted their sweat on his lips. He was holding Gabe's legs apart as he felt his arms wrap around his wet back.

He straightened and pumped the asshole more furiously. The air was humid and moist now. And he heard himself panting more with each thrust.

Gabe moaned. "Shit! This is so fucking good. I'm getting fucking close."

"Do it!" Luke replied. "I want to see you shoot that load!"

"Yeah?? Ok. OK. Here it comes, Dude! Oh FUCK!" And Gabe's cock started spurting out thick manjuice, all over his pubes.

Luke pumped more and let go himself. He bent over and as he pushed his cock inside one last time. "AHHHHH!" He filled his rubber with jism deep inside Gabe's butthole. Then he collapsed on top of Gabe, just as his cock slid out of the anus. His head rested on Gabe's navel, wet, musky. He felt Gabe brush his hair gently, both of them recovering.

Gabe started talking again. "We didn't even make it to the bedroom."

"We didn't, you horny bastard."

"Hahaha. Something about the storm just made me so excited."

"Well, we went up 19 floors, Gabe. All that climb heightened the thrill."

"Hahaha Yeah, in a freaking typhoon."

"Fuck, it's really dark now."

"And still no lights."

"Well, easier to go down the stairs. Hahaha Can you still walk?"

"In a while. Hahaha"

"I need to wash off."

"You sure? It's dark. Water's gonna be cold."

"I know. But I'm sticky all over."

"It's the door inside the bedroom."

"Ok." Luke got up and slowly made his way inside the bedroom. Very slowly.

"Why don't you use your phone's flashlight?"

"Oh yeah. Haha. Forgot about that."

It was easier to make his way to the bathroom. Yes, the water was freezing. And he had no idea what to use to dry off. But he showered anyway. And after a while, the cold water felt good. He looked outside the window. It was getting dark. And it was raining heavily now.

Then Gabe went in and offered him some paper towels.

"I really don't keep towels here. I bring them should a tenant ask."

"No prob. Thanks."

Luke dabbed the paper onto his wet skin. It kept on leaving bits and pieces of residue that clung to his skin. But it got him dry.

"My turn" Gabe announced as Luke was coming out of the bathroom. He chose to sit on the bed and shone his light on the surroundings. Sparsely decorated, it seemed like a hotel room. He laid down on the bed and turned off the light. The sound of heavy rain and the running shower filled the room. He wanted to play some mp3 but thought it better to conserve phone battery. He wasn’t sure whether they should go home.

Gabe approached him and sat on the bed. “It’s raining heavy.”

“It is. I don’t know if we should be heading on home.”

“In this rain? No way. And it’s probably flooded. Let’s wait for it to pass.” Gabe laid beside him. He put his arm around Luke to hug him. “Cuddle time.”

Luke hugged him back.

“I miss this.”

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