Monday, November 23, 2009

changes in my life

im about to break into song. almost. going through major changes now, though largely in environment.

i have a new office after 9 years. we have a new address, a good upscale address. im very pleased. ive always wanted to have an office in this development. from a few years back. i already saw the potential. and i daydreamed about it.

the interiors are just awesome. understated. functional. it captured how i envisioned it to be, communicating corporate values we have built over the years.

outside, trees amid low rise buildings, sprawling across maintained lawns with water features around. serene. academic. inspiring.

colleagues are also ecstatic. im very pleased indeed.

im staying in a new condo, a transition condo actually. ive finally left that nest i shared with ex. will be having that unit face-lifted then leased. im staying in a bigger condo but its not something ill fix up. im just preparing for the transfer to my own place, a place i've built from ground up.

a different sense of fulfillment there. literally toiled to make another dream a reality. almost done but not quite. again, most of the dream elements are getting realized: the outdoor feeling with patios and balcony and deck. my architect is a great guy. he works with me, allows me to put in my design sense. works within my budget (almost).

the change involves revisiting objects and things collected throughout the years. memories rush in. old files and folders in the office. previous recognition. previous certificates. old photographs. in the condo, gifts of the past. more photos. more memorabilia. are they really memorable? previous behaviors. previous habits. previous emotions.

i walked into the condo, now empty. it looked new again, though still needing a fresh coat of paint.

i wasnt sad anymore. i was smiling.

i am pleased, very pleased.

i've moved out and moved on.


Vince said...

"outside, trees amid low rise buildings, sprawling across maintained lawns with water features around. serene. academic. inspiring."

Sounds like the UP TechnoHub. :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

housewarming naaaah! :)

angelo aguinaldo said...

Congratulations and the best of everything!

Ming Meows said...

oh i thought your gonna transfer to your house. may transition condo pa pala. parang cocoon phase LoL. balato mo na lang saken ang mga condos LoL.

Marco said...

Glad to know of the major developments in your life. Also glad you've moved on. I'm still going through the motions. My partner and I have broken up after 3 years together because of, well, midlife crisis. Sadly, he wanted it. However, I'm slowly picking myself up. It hasn't even been a month anyway. In time, all will be good.

Congratulations on all the new and wonderful things that are happening on your end. By the way, I went to the bar the past 2 weeks but it was closed. Is it closed for good?