Monday, November 16, 2009

The Talented Mr Ripley Who Deceived CC's Heart

Listen to part 1 here (16 mins 36 sec).

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this episode (right click and save)

credit Lola Madonna for Live to Tell. It Could Only be Madonna as background music.


Anonymous said...

Hey CC, if you want pabugbog natin dito sa mga kaibigan ko sa The Bronx, sabihin mo lang. Hahaha loko lang, Cheer up.. Raffy.

Ming Meows said...

bitin as usual. he should have been named houdini.

therefore, i highly recommend no-online-romantic-conversations-before-meet-up policy.

Asi said...

hello there. i happened to chance your blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Annyong haseyo from seoul ...
stumbled across your blog
read your great entries
nicely written you are
a real artist ...
feel your adventures ...

please consider me one of your
fans ...

hope you could visit seoul
sometime ... i tour kita hehehe
lahat ng maanghang at hot spicy
things ... drop by on a week end
easy for me

enjoyed your blogcast too...
nice tantalizing voice with
charming vibrations hehehe

anyway.... take care


ethan h said...

I wrote this at MGG's blog. Keep room for cynicism, especially for internet hookups and for until you physically meet up. The "older" among us will advice that. If you haven't physically met and had at least one date, keep telling yourself: Baka hindi ito totoo.

abba said...

hello! i chance it, too...