Thursday, October 7, 2010

belated teacher's day

a few days ago, it was teacher's day. quite timely, i received this morning an email from the dean congratulating me for achieving 5th in ranking in the school's faculty evaluation survey last semester.

im elated and humbled. i enjoy extremely what im doing, never mind the stress of preparing the lesson plan, the research, grading the exams, etc. etc. etc. it's really just an elective, but still, it is most gratifying to receive this feedback.

it lifted my spirits. it affirmed my retirement career choice.

to my students, thank you.

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marc said...

congrats CC. forgot to greet you on the day. anyway 'Happy Teacher's Day'!!!

Prince Henry said...

Happy Teachers Day CC!

Indeed, the joy of receiving "thank you" from s student is very gratifying.

If teachers persisted in the little valued profession of teaching, it is because they subscribe to a larger, more enduring life goal than money.

I salute teachers who are truly committed to academic life and its attendant values despite their indecent salaries. I have my profoundest faith in them!

Keep sharing the knowledge, sir!

--HRH Henry

Ming Meows said...

belated to you!

joelmcvie said...

And keep inviting me to talk... alam mo naman how we love to talk, LOL!