Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanted: Perfect Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere I go.

And it's just October, given that it is the last week. At my parent's unit, we already put up the Christmas Tree, the belen, the lights.

Yesterday, pc and i were shopping for the perfect Christmas tree. Sadly, SM Our Home had that perfect tree last year. I even took a pic of it because when I wanted to buy it, it wasn't available anymore! And I don't like the new designs. Sigh. I have no idea where to find more trees.

So if you happen to know of a place where i can get an 8ft tall slim Christmas tree with big pine needles in Manila... please, inform me.

Wanted, badly :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi CC.

You should go to Tamilee Christmas Store in San Juan. Fantastic Christmas trees and decors. Export quality. Known to very few people only.

Along P. Guevarra. Coming from Ortigas / Wilson, turn right. If you know North Park P. Guevarra, you will not miss it. About 30 steps away from North Park.


Tony said...

Check out dimensione. A little pricey but they have some nice (and gay) looking ones. :D

anteros' dominion said...

hi cc! i agree with the first person who commented here. my big bro knows the place and the store is indeed known to only a few people.

closet case said...

@dave @antero i didnt get to visit the store but i still plan to. i was able to get a slim tree. funny, now there are loads of slim trees again. i was a bit too early. haha

@tony they do have great trees there. almost bought one but the colors were a bit too faddish!

Joseph said...

Hey CC so what's the theme for the year? its great to have themed Christmas Trees to which your entire Christmas motif will be anchored on.