Wednesday, October 6, 2010

irritable lately

a lot of things just get into my nerves so easily lately. disorder. stupidity. incompetence.

is it me or did all of the people around me just started deteriorating?

im ranting. sorry. it just seemed that people are conniving to ruin my day.

its sad that i let myself be affected.

yes, im allowing other people to determine my moods.

sigh. i feel like a puppet.

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Bleeding Angel said...

aw relax cc, it will come to pass... :)

rudeboy said...

Well, you know.

Hell is other people.

Mac Callister said...

relax...have a coffee break or something!

Knight said...

i've read this somewhere:

if you got a problem with another person; might be his/her fault.

if you got a problem with two people, might be their fault.

if you got a problem with three people, still, might be their fault.

exceeding that, now - it has to be YOU. take a brisk walk to the bright side. the view might change.

just my two cents. tc.

Tony said...

I feel the same way. I feel a lot of people suddenly seem to be out of their game or just do stupid things....

Of course, I might have been hit by this "stupify" ray as well... but I'm the boss, so there. :P

It all started during the mid-autumn full moon...

EsTeFaN said...

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House of Queens said...

I think the people you work with are distracted. Distracted by Facebook, Twitter, or blogs like CC. Sorry - I know you're ranting - but that's what I find in my own team. People seem to have a lot of source of distractions lately - that it's getting harder and harder to focus on one's job.

Mu[g]en said...

That's what you call menopause. Lolz.

When I'm irritable, I maintain a comfortable distance from everyone.

Ming Meows said...

everyone does have a bad day. dont worry, it's normal.

Anonymous said...

Bad grammar and stupidity easily irritates me too
-Fellow Isko