Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursdays with cc: Decisiveness

... is not stubbornness. im saying this based on my limited take of what PNoy has been doing as of late. He has been repeatedly accused of being wishy-washy. He blurtd out one thing one day and seems to have a change of heart the next. Then he'll stand firm supposedly on what he did say the first time.

Decisiveness is a very critical skill of a manager. You will need to make a decision among so many alternatives. You will use your logic and priorities to filter out bad options and be left with a few. And that final list would even be harder to decide on. Yet decide you must. And sometimes, you will only have minutes, sometimes, just seconds to make a decision. And even as you desire more information to make a choice, you will not have access to such. So you will need to make do with what is available and make that decision.

You will need to develop the wisdom to discern when that decision needs to be done now, or if you could buy more time. Your people will look up to you
for taking the bull by the horns when they see your firm resolve.

now let me contrast that with stubbornness. resolute firmness against better judgment. obstinacy inspite of evidence to the contrary. PNoy insisting that certain characters remain in their position despite contrary opinion. despite political capital being wasted. i have this feeling that he is being muleheaded to show that he is decisive. that he is no push-over. sorry. two different things. being stubborn is not decisiveness. it is simply misplaced focus.

discern the difference.

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Anonymous said...

You have a point, but to be fair to PNoy, people are focusing on the small things that were changed a bit. But the changes that he is implementing are exactly what he said he'll do. Three months is a tiny amount of time to see big changes, considering the many problems of this country. Besides politics is give and take with the different branches of government, otherwise he won't get things done.

Ming Meows said...

apir tayo dyan. he lacked experience--the reason i didn't vote for him. sana makabawi siya tutal 100 days these days is a very short period.

Anonymous said...

hi sir cc, your thursdays with cc will soon be a book. hope to see you again. dr. arnold

Anonymous said...

running a company is totally different from running a government. in politics, the name of the game is compromise. the president has to work with the senate, congress and the judiciary in order to pass the bills necessary to make the changes. running a company is almost dictatorial.

Anonymous said...

he change his mind a lot? he's gay. period.

- Dante