Thursday, October 7, 2010

week ending soon

this week seemed like it had 20 days instead of just seven. work has been stressful lately. the big kind of stress. not just deadlines. not just meetings. big audacious stress. strategic stress. bug bucks kind of stress.

with friday looming over the horizon, i can safely say that i have survived it. sanity put to the test a couple of times.

im winding down. a reflective mood now. out on my roof deck. a slight. breeze cools me but not enough to drive blood thirsty insects away. (egad, i hope its not the dengue vector kind)

if tomorrow brings the period to the sentence called cc, i would leave with a smile. morbid thought i know. its just that im realizing how blessed ive been. that i have 'sucked the very marrow of life dry'. it would with end with having provided as much as i could for my parents. i have seen the company rise to the top. ive enjoyed the laughter and company of true friends. i have allowed myself to enjoy what the world has to offer, with the sights i have seen, the experiences i have had. i have loved true. and i have finally found the love that i would bring with me to eternity.

at this point, this one little point in time, everything is in balance. there is so much gratitude. so much love. so much peace.

im looking at the horizon. from my vantage point, i see the crucifix that adorns the facade of the parish.

and though my ears are listening to the pluckings of piano strings, i hear Him telling me that all will be well.

'Trust me.'

i think he is telling you the same thing, too.

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Prince Henry said...

Indeed! I pray that HE will increase our faith in HIM!

Blessed be, cc!

--HRH Henry

Bleeding Angel said...

mala - Glee "Grilled Cheesus" ito... for sure He will be there no matter what :)

Anonymous said...

thanks, CC. =)