Thursday, October 7, 2010

skin on skin

im amazed at the explosion of personal care lines for men! so many brands are now competing for the looks-conscious male. nivea, gatsby, l'oreal, dove, master, splash, even watson's house brand! in the u.s. dove men+care is one of the fastest growing line of unilever.

i never liked dove. the moisturizing ingredient adds this oily layer on my skin. i feel 'unclean' when i bathe using dove because i dont like that greasy feel. after rinsing off the soap, i want to feel the dry traction of skin on skin. that makes me feel cleeeeean.

but i bought this new dove soap. im thinking it wouldnt have that anymore. and it was lightly masculinely scented. unfortunately, it still does, even if this variant had grains for scrubbing.

not like.

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Bleeding Angel said...

uy pwede ka ng endorser... :) ma-try nga po...:) have a nice day

Ming Meows said...

meganon sa dove?

skin care for men is so gay ;p

Prince Henry said...

the brand development manager of this product is a close friend of mine. I saw how much she worked hard to make this product successful! yehey!

Mr. Hush Hush said...

hmmm.. I still prefer blue china from Marks&Spencer. Really smells great and I feel squeaky clean after ;)

RetroGod said...

nakakita na nga ako ng masculine wash eh. i might buy one myself one of these days. hahaha

joelmcvie said...

Actually that "greasy" feeling of the moisturizer is really good for your skin. But we've been used to the dry feeling that Safeguard and their ilk have made us used to, and that dry feeling actually makes your skin, well, drier.

Nasanay lang tayo sa squeaky clean. Eh ang squeaky clean, dapat para sa dishes and plates lang (like Joy, hahaha).

S.O.L.B. said...

hehehehe cc this is my first time reading about SKIN stuff on your blog...hehehehe very cute. :)