Tuesday, December 14, 2010

early morning jog

i miss jogging early morning. i used to have the discipline to wake up by 5am everyday and be at the gym by 545am. i'd park the car in front (securing a parking space) then jog as my warm-up. by 630am, when the gym opens, i'd be ready for my weights.

my jog would be on the streets around the gym. partly residential, partly commercial. i had a chosen a route free from pesky dogs that would suddenly bark (and might just bite!) when i would pass by.

at that time of the day, i'd see the household help walking to buy pandesal. they would still have their wake-up hairdo, sun dress ("daster" - where in heaven's name did that come from?), literally dragging their feet to the sari-sari store. some of them would be washing the cars on the street. sometimes, that would be the tatay, already up, meticulous looking over the car, making sure that no streak of yesterday's mud remains on his crown jewel.

then there is the taho vendor, now stationed in one area rather than plying the streets. the drivers, the security guards milling around him and chatting away.

ahh, the security guards. some guard the condos, some the office buildings. at first, i was just another passer by. but after seeing me regularly, they would be nice enough to smile and say hi. we really are a nice hospitable lot!

a few times, i would see a good looking one. and that would be enough for me to look forward to that route. but what was most memorable was this particular guard stationed at a warehouse. he takes a bath, with dipper and pail (tabo at timba) in the early morning, right at the garage area of the compound. he would be partially hidden from view because of the trucks parked on the driveway. but i still saw him, and his wet, wet white underwear. let me put a damper on that imagination of yours. he is plain looking, with a big belly. but the image of a semi-naked guy taking a bath is still worth a look-see for a horny cc.

the first few times, he didnt notice me, as i slowed down to a walk as i pass by. then one time, he saw me as he was pouring water on his body, acknowledged me with a nod. that gave me the opp to stay a bit longer and see the wet bulge. and it seemed a handful!

the next time i passed by, he asked me to 'jump in and join him' "sarap maligo!" though i was tempted, i just used the time to talk to him a bit longer. so funny how i got all fired up with the thought! it wasn't so much the thought of having sex with him but the idea that i could watch him take out his dick and get off. my voyeurism fueled all that.

eventually, that gym closed down. and i had no reason to jog in the area anymore. but every time i passed by that street and that warehouse, i'd still see the image of mamang guard, taking a bath and nodding at me. and i would smile.

yes, i miss early morning jogs.

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Ming Meows said...

nagpapantasya ka din pala sa mga mamang guard.

Anonymous said...

"daster" or "Duster" - the dress a girls/female would normally wear when doing housecleaning or "dusting"-off things ;)

md student said...

hi cc, can we b frnds? wla lang im just intersted of knowing you...

ONAI said...

haha natawa ako sa sceneswe talked about these stuff while doing our early 5am morning runs... the perks of running at that time...

- the smell of the pig sty
- the maids sweeping the front yard with no bras
- and yes the laborers taking a bath in the open air in their undies ==== pail and dipper tabo at pila balde

Anonymous said...

I have always fantasized the security guard sa bank na pinupuntahan ko. He is not "Artista" looking pero goodlooking na sya para sakin....matangos kasi ilong...haha! But whenever i walk in and out of the bank...i always take a good look at him and pag di sya nakatingin...i stand, look and worship how his uniform hugs his "curves"...ang fit ni manong guard!!! hahaha! The other day nakita ko sya without his uniform hat/cap and i also liked his haircut....Minsan nga nakikita ko he also glimpse at me then turns away hastly pag napatingin din ako...hahaha! Si manong bank guard na yan ang nakapag realize sakin na may mga sekyu din palang gwapo/hot! hahaha! :P