Thursday, December 9, 2010

vintage photos

yesterday was feast of the immaculate conception. i received the sacrament of Holy Communion on that day eons ago. (do they still do that? institute the sacrament only on dec 8?) it made me look for my old photos. ahh. this was in grade 2, as i recall. a picture of innocence?!

this next picture explains my fascination with simply red. my dad, from his meager salary, managed to give me this wonderful wonderful car, a jaguar xke! i loved it (though my sisters loved it more.) this was in luneta park. when families used to do 'stroll in the park' as a sunday bonding option and not 'shop in the mall'.

the actual jaguar xke, a vintage classic. it had a convertible edition.

so many things in our adult lives could really be traced to childhood experience!

the child is the father of the man - wordsworth, as quoted so frequently by freud.


ONAI said...

yes the still do kahapon lang dito sa st paul and st peter may nag holy communion

i dont recall having mine on that day parang dec lang ata yun or wala lang something

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to bring back the memories. Nostalgia!

Ming Meows said...

ganun ba? kelangan talaga dec 8. sabagay, parang naging requirement ko noong student days ang pagsimba sa dec 8. may mga panakot kasi na baka magkasakit kung hindi nagsisimba.

i do love the old days when people go to parks during the pre-mall era. probably the effect of global warming.

Kyle Deguzman said...

Good day. Nice pedal car toy. Where is it now?.