Thursday, December 30, 2010

mggff, the community

my title sounds like a wikipedia entry. hehe. the other night, that online community mggff (manila gay guy find a friend...) went offline and gathered together for some christmas fun. a lot of members went to the house of gracious host ms g, some of them a first to have an offline persona.

this is the second xmas party i attended. and it seemed to be getting bigger and better every year. last year, i remember miggs was still ahmm quite anonymous to most of his reader-members. but this year, i proudly watched miggs go all out and be all out there for the community. he worked the crowd and made sure that each person would feel welcome.

im pretty much of an outsider, still. not active in the fb site. but i do feel welcome even if im probably the least known fabcaster. i feel awkward when sweet fellowfab gibbs would introduce me to some people and 'reveal' me as cc. only because he says it as if expecting that the person introduced to would even know cc or the blog. (omg! its cc!) hehe. most of the time, id get this really polite but clueless look (who or what is 'cc'??, poor thing must be thinking) and id try to remove the pressure by telling that new acquaintance that it is ok not to be aware of 'cc'. hahaha. i just find so sweet of gibbs to assume that there would be some awareness level for cc. :-)

the party was getting really fun when ms g, jomsp and my dear pc started doing the soju rounds! and the pressure these guys were putting on the hapless members! hahaha there was just no saying no! alas, we had to leave because of work and meetings for me the following day.

so to readers out there looking for true online camaraderie (not kama-raderie, as some militant members would like to emphasize!), be a member! i believe there is a link to mgg fb site where you can find out more.

it is a nice community of like-minded individuals seeking friendships. what i witnessed during the party reinforced this perception even more.

so to the prime movers of mggff, including good friend miggs, kudos to a great party, a wonderful community! and happy new year!

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Anonymous said...

wooo kasama ka rin pala dito katulad ni aleph. siguro kasama mo siya sa latest meet-up. gusto ko rin sana pero hesitant parin ako. not to offend sir pero honestly medyo hindi lang ako comfortable kapag halos lahat ng kasama ko ay out.

i hope i can have the courage next time.

happy new year po...

wizzdumb said...

Wishing you the blessings of the New Year, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends. Happy New Year to you.

From: Discreetmagazine

V1nC3 said...

Is MGGFF some sort of a support group? hehe. Cool yan. Happy New Year.

Guyrony said...


MGGFF stand for Migs the Manila Gay Guy for Friends.

Unless he changed it which of course I am not updated.

(Ousted member here because of uhm, certain conditions)

It was really nice to see you and PC again. I didn't even notice that you two were gone.

ONAI said...

hala may na o-oust pala how taray I wonder under what conditions

B - hope I can join you guys on the next one maybe MGGFF or Fabcasters gig

will b ein Manila next week


ONAI said...

asan yung link?