Thursday, December 2, 2010

SAHC: The Empire Strikes Back

Senior year - we fags had the time of our lives! we knew who we were. we were accepted and loved (!) by our classmates. we had all bonded together, save for a few who didnt want to be associated with us. we were doing well in academics, capturing the top slots. we were now talking about college, careers. the world was our proverbial oyster.

but not for long.

the priests in the school knew they had a looming crisis on hand. that unspeakable evil called gay relationships was alive and well on campus. their research had revealed numerous gay relationships among the seniors. it was time to take action.

i think it was the principal who
had beth send to the 'office'. he revealed to him the results of the investigation. he had in his possession the names of all the fags and their boyfriends. he sternly told him to tell all of us to stop this abomination or else: he will expose all our names by announcing during next month's general assembly. he forbade us from congregating as a group. we are all to go home right after class. he also threatened to talk to our parents.

beth hurriedly convened us that afternoon. he told us verbatim the instructions, the threat. we were in shock. our future was about to be ruined. our love, our selves were finally labeled as evil. and humiliation was going to be our exorcism.

there was no talk of rebellion. we all accepted that they held our lives in their hands. we were going to play by their rules. no questions asked.

to be continued

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Felipe said...

Oooooooh... tension.... tenshun.... tenchun......

Ming Meows said...


serial said...

This is so the same in my all all boys high school!!! The exorcism was expulsion.

ethan h said...

Help me and excuse my being uncool. What does SAHC stand for? Thanks.

luke lacson said...

haha. i echo you, ethan h. i dont know what SAHC means either.