Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prosperity Thoughts

I have a sister who consistently complains about not having 'enough'. Her financial woes is a typical litany she recites to our folks over the phone. Yet, she is actually very successful, a practicing u.s.-based medical doctor. of course, her worries and money-aches are all too real for her.

she got me thinking of prosperity, and 'the secret'. as long as she focuses on the 'lack', rather than be truly grateful for the 'abundance', she will continue to 'attract' the negatives of the universe.

thinking 'positive' is thinking, believing that you are already blessed. that you are already living in abundance. "feeling mayaman" as people would put it.

"feeling mayaman" for me goes beyond having all those expensive brands and gadgets to show for. sure that is one hell of a display of wealth (as i myself fall prey to, too). but i've also started to realize that the best evidence of abundance is generosity. nobody can refute that being a 'giver' means having quite a 'disposable' income. "talagang mayaman!"

so if you want to attract more wealth and prosperity, beyond 'owning' and 'claiming' this car or this property as part of the exercise of 'positive thinking', why not focus on 'being generous', of giving a bit more? Just a bit more. And it doesn't always have to be money. It can be time and effort. In itself, the act of giving comes with a wonderful feeling. Multiply that with the gratitude you will get from your recipients, gratitude that will echo through the universe! You will start to attract even more 'positive' forces and more prosperity.

"Feel Mayaman" by being more generous. And truly become "Mayaman!"

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Désolé Boy said...

what a great way to put it CC!
merry christmas.

ONAI said...

sometimes its just finance how to handle money

parang nakakaguilty to splurge well knowing na beyond your limit na

kaya nga may prayer na expand my boundaries so I may increase God's grace and blessings to others

hayyy, being grateful is the start of positivity

ano pa... basta gratefulness or giving is different from being positive ata, its more of contentment

ika nga ni Dumbledore the happiest man is when he sees himself exactly as they way that he is when he looks into the Mirror of Erised

enuff said

Happy Holidays B!!!


Ming Meows said...

kung ganun lang naman ang pagiging mayaman, ang "yaman" ko na.

M.I. said...

What a nice way to put it. I'm applying "The Secret" to my life too.

"Generosity is not what you do, but who you become in the doing." - from Being Generous, The Art of Right Living.

"Being generous also promotes personal and collective happiness"

Merry Christmas CC.

Kimberly Bernardo said...

i totally agree with u. well put

Nielz said...

Ang yaman naman ni ate.. heheh.. tapos namumrublema pa rin. oh well, ganun talaga. maybe she just looks at the glass half empty rather than half full. :D

Anyway, maligayang pasko sayo! Hugs from your friendly neighborhood blogger. Sana masaya ka ngayon. :D