Saturday, December 25, 2010

that tag function

christmas morning. and im feeling like a scrooge or grinch (take your pick)

my problem lies in that tag function in facebook.

that tag function i use ONLY to properly 'label' friends in photos. so they would know and see that photo.

that tag function now appears when someone wants to sell me something.

that tag function now appears when someone wants to call my attention to something.

that tag function now appears when someone wants to greet me, as part of a broadcast greeting on a photo.

the worst is...

when i get all these alerts of others responding to that tag function. each and every message from all the others tagged start to flood my alert box.

i dont really have to know all these comments and replies, do i?


solution. untag. sometimes, un-friend. nasty.

btw. merry christmas.



dr magsasaka said...

I also block. If we became "friends" only because you want me to buy something from you, then you get blocked.

prince_don said...

Hi CC :)

may mga bagong feature ilalabas ang Facebook next year, and one of those are SUBSCRIBE AND UNSUBSCRIBE.

pag kasi we are tagged or nag comment tayo, automatically subscribed tayo dun sa feed. sa bagong feature, we could choose to unsubscribe after we comment para walang gulo sa notification. :)

kaya if i were you, patience nalang muna until ilabas yun ng fb. :)

merry christmas!
and its rude to untag! ahahahahah!

Ming Meows said...

buti na lang hindi pa ako natag.

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

yup untag or blocked :) hehe. merry christmas din.

ONAI said...

uu nga my sentiments exactly

you can set the settings of the notificatons to not notify you on a photo that you were tagged