Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cheap this way

i've been regularly going to Jollibee lately. as in almost every week. the staple is the barbeque chicken which i reckon to be less sinful (less oily?) than fried chicken. and this is because if the BPI cards promo tie-up of Jollibee and BPI (that ended Feb 7, 2011).

the consumer in me, the cheapskate, too, simply adores the promo. use your Credit or ATM card and avail of Jollibee freebies. P2,000 single purchase merits a jollibee 1-pc chicken meal. for P5,000, one gets two 1-pc chicken meal + yumburger. P10,000 entitles one to a 6-pc chicken bucket! i've always collected my transaction receipts anyway. and with so many Jollibee outlets anyway, redeeming is a cinch!

i was disappointed when it ended. but it was quickly replaced by a promo with Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell!

as a marketing person, i wouldnt think im exactly the demographic who would go for this promos. but then again, im a psychographic, rather than demographic segment. i'm a value shopper. and the promo represents true added value because of the ease of earning the reward and the convenience of redemption.

Free fast food that is easily accesible and available is compelling enough for me. i actually become conscious of the transaction value that i end up adding another item or two in my basket of goodies to reach the minimum.

for a while there, i have been on cash basis, thinking that it didnt matter much if i used my credit card or not. but the promo has made me think twice about using my cash, especially if there is no additional discount for cash transactions anyway. their database people must have seen the jump in my credit purchases.

they also adequately communicated the program (standees in the partner retailers, posters in their branches, launch print ads). and i was attracted ti find out more.

i find the program a good one. now how do i implement that for my products?

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PluripotentNurse said...

hi I'm a marketing person also.

Anu products ang market mo?

closet case said...

i wish i can answer that! hehe

Quentin X said...

Didn't you bitch earlier about how hard it is trim down? :-)

Ghost said...

I think I know why you couldn't lose weight...

kirk050181 said...

this is in some way out of the topic,,,,Jollibee is worst!

drew said...

Good transaction value but what about the health value?