Friday, February 25, 2011

a one-day break

pc and i are celebrating a half-year of togetherness in Corregidor with his friends. he has been introducing me to his friends lately. and i'm seeing other sides of pc come out. he really has such a diverse groups of friends. something i wouldn't have expected of him. its a pleasant surprise.

the last time i was on this island was when i took this Afam here for a day tour. i did the tour again. and the malinta light and sound show. and i am still moved by that show. i find it very well written and produced. i still feel a lump in my throat as the 'lupang hirang' plays in the end. the sense of patriotism still flows in my blood. which is why i never explored working abroad. i'm really happy here.

this trip is actually a photography excursion for pc and his friends. they are so into it. so we made sure we took the requisite photos of the sunset at battery grubs.

and we did the night time tour of the hospital ruins and the malinta tunnel at night. it was like ghost-hunting. and there was a sense of eerieness as the guide told us of the massacres and the deaths, etc. but all fun in the end.

when we stepped out of the tunnel, it was a clear starry sky! amazing! havent seen so many stars in a long time. i dont know if you could see this, though. it looks like just a photo of nothingness. hehe

we slept early because we had to wake up early for the sunrise photo session this morning. and early meant being up at 445am. i actually woke up even earlier because it was too darn cold and the blanket was really just a flimsy sheet. we made it on time. dawn at the area of the eternal flame (the perfect site for sunrise viewing) was just serene.

back at the hotel, i did a short 5k around the hotel area as pc and friends took their breakfast. trail running is so energizing. i headed out to the wharf in the early sunshine.

and there was this pleasant view...

it was a great one-day break. Corregidor is a great short-trip option for a weekend get-away. don't expect much from the hotel/inn and you will be just fine!

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