Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egg Nog Crave

the egg nog - cold december saturday mornings. tatay would whip up egg nog drinks for us. he'd beat egg whites stiff before mixing the yolk. then he'd pour that in a glass of warm condensed milk with water. he'd top it with a drop of vanilla concentrate. and i'd taste christmas.

last december, i happened to be in alabang and pc told me to drop by Bona Coffee shop. i saw they were promoting egg nog then but i needed my caffeine fix.

so i had this craving for egg nog stirred inside me.

i happened to be in alabang today. and i hurried over to Bona to finally satisfy that desire. i panicked when i saw that there was no promo poster anymore.

but sweet owner (cute tisoy type) was at the cashier as i looked for egg nog. as barista was about to say 'sorry', he nudged him and told him that yes, egg nog was stil available.

he whipped it up as i waited. and the scent of vanilla filled the air.

im in the car now, enjoying my egg nog, remembering days past, loving my tatay and thanking cute tisoy for indulging me.

Bona Coffee in Alabang. <3

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Anonymous said...

nice post. small simple things often bring back such pleasurable memories :)

but, wassup w/ your hand? it looks weird. almost alien :)

marky said...

Not to sound as if my hands are perfect, but there seems to be something wrong with your palm, CC.

Refraction, perhaps?

closet case said...

good grief, guys! yiu are correct! what's happening to my palm?!?!? YIKES!