Wednesday, February 2, 2011

three hotels

i was in three different hotels in three consecutive days. from one nice suite to another. different levels of service. three different lobby designs.

but the same scene: the senior citizen caucasian and his filipina lady escort. sometimes the tourists come as buddies. and they have breakfast with their dates.

the lady escorts dress up similarly at breakfast. in sandos and pekpek shorts and flipflops. and their long hair up in a bun, not so tidy but i guess sexy to their dates.

i dont mean to eavesdrop. but i overhear the same english-speaking styles (or attempts).

and the same look of boredom. yeah. boredom. they dont actually engage their dates in conversation. sometimes they don't even look at each other. the lady escorts play with their food. and wish they were somewhere else.

and somehow, that makes me feel sad.


Prince Henry said...

OH CC! I see those scenes very often in greenbelt 3... ha ha ha and really i am so curios how much a night they earn? sometime, when I am not busy, I have coffee at starbucks there. I have witness how these ladies and lady-boys acquire their target! and sometimes when I hang out in a wine and tapas bar, i would see the evry scene that you describe. and yes-- the lady escorts are indeed not interested in the conversation. any idea, how much is the price a night?

Clarence said...

The escorts prolly only have “business English” hehehe thus the absence of animated conversations with their dates…

Ming Meows said...

haha wala sing pinagkaiba dito. ang eksena lang eh nakamotor ang puti tapos may nakabackride na pinay.

JC said...

the world's oldest profession? :)

no sighting of old men with male escorts?

Anonymous said...

haha @ pekpek short. that's great description. great writing.

the oldest profession. better than selling drugs.