Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carlito - yung tunay

Katukayo Lang, dude! (namesake) No, he's not the one in the series. Our representative to the Mr. Gay World is actually Carlito Floro Rosadino.

Check out his official trailer!

Mr Gay World final 2012 13

Mr Gay World final 2012 10

Photos courtesy of Mr. Scott Nunn, Flicker.

I'm proud of Carlito for making it to the Top 10, winning Best National Costume AND People's Choice Award at the recently concluded Mr. Gay World 2012 in Joberg, South Africa! And my claim to fame is that we actually had a chance to chat previously during an activity conducted by Miggs. And I remember him as Carlo.

I thought he was straight! Pucha! Nalinlang ako! Kidding! I was even careful about making any gay references during that time. I thought he was just one of the cute, straight guys who happen to be friends with Miggs.

So imagine my surprise when I saw him as a contestant in Mr Gay Phils! And eventually winning that and becoming the Philippine rep to Mr Gay World. Sayang! Sana diniskartehan ko nun!. Kidding 2!

Seriously, that was one kick-ass mechanical costume! Kahit pala hindi terno, pang-Best in Costume pa rin ang Pinoy! It's certainly great to know that even in the worldwide gay community, Pinoys are making their presence felt!

Go Gay Philippines!

It's not just more fun. It's more gay in the Philippines! :-)

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Ronnie said...

I love his National Costume! I'm so happy for Carlito.

Yung winner, New Zealend, bet din naman kaso may umay factor unlike Philippines, France and Australia haha.

miggy muigz said...

proud to be third sex... :) nice winning carlito...

Migz said...

Siya yata yung nagwowork sa Starbucks?