Sunday, April 22, 2012

IJ Case 17: Intensity Spa

I was on my way home from a run when I passed this big lighted signage along E Rod "Intensity Spa, Home Service, Phone No." Whoa! A new one quite near the house.

I've been on the look out for more choices for home service. The previous ones just disappointed me for one reason or another (therapist comes always late, bad service, therapist too insistent on giving extra, etc.) So the traffic light gave me the chance to key in the number on my mobile.

And since I've just come from a tiring run in the heat of the afternoon sun, I decided that I'd like to inquire and possibly try this new home service.

Yes, the number is working. And the lady receptionist answered promptly and courteously. And they do have male therapists. 2-hr massage, Home service at P500. Not bad at all. So I scheduled one and gave my address. I lower my expectations, too, when it comes to how the therapist would look. All I need is a good massage anyway.

The therapist arrived promptly. Check. He was professionally dressed and quite pleasantly looking. Check. So far, so good.

The massage was fine, actually quite good. Again, with lower expectations, I was even expecting a newbie to brought over. But this guy definitely is no amateur. He knows his trade. And the massage was really good. Except that it seemed to have ended a lot earlier than two hours. Sigh. Turns out, this was the time for the Sir, gusto ba niyo magpa-extra service? Para ma-relax kayo. Ahhh. I declined. And he didn't insist. I just wished they didn't have to mention. Let the client ask for it, I guess. But then again, that is where the bigger part of the income comes from.

Since then, I have utilized Intensity Spa services for two more times. And consistently, the therapists have arrived on time. Further, they respond to text. And they have 'saved' my information details. So they don't have to ask me every time what my address was. (Bayleaf does this every time. So annoying! This is basic customer database management. That's why I dropped them from the list.)

The therapists look ok. Not drop-dead hunks. But pleasant. Which is more than what I could say with another spa I tried before.

Conclusion. So far, so good. Go try them.

P.S. I won't divulge details about getting in touch with them. Sorry. I think they are online.

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Vince (Discreet Manila) said...

Intensity Spa is operated by the same people behind Fahrenheit, and they're right beside each other. :)

Fishy said...

been here for walk-in service. 4 out of 5 times turned out great. will stick to those who've had good feedback.

chad said...

yes it was great xpirience with intensity spa. . mabuhay kayo and continue good service.. i suggest you guys to try karl. hes one of those goodlooking and magaling tlaga magmasahe dun. pro lahat nmn ok mag masahe. . tnx guys. .

Anonymous said...

let me try this spa tonight and see what...hhehehe

Anonymous said...

Been here last December,i forgot the name of the therapist very insistent to ask for ES and for a tip.