Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Underwear

My libido's back. LOL.

I'm a brief guy. Traditional white mostly. Though I have a few blacks in the drawer now. I find briefs sexier, especially in plain white. Nothing brings out the contours better. LOL.

This particular brief is ME, low-rise because I have such a short torso. With a nice snug fit.

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Boxer briefs? Tried. But I find that it doesn't flatter me. It kind of... flattens rather than enhances, you know what I mean? LOL And I used to find that it gets out of shape rather easily (or more obviously).

This is defintely NOT me.


But this one, possibly. But my thighs are quite thick so it ends up really stretched at the thigh part.

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Boxers I never found sexy. I walk around the house in them, though. So I guess I should call that housewear? I don't mind patterns and colors. Actually, it's tank tops and boxers as housewear. Which is what you would see should you do webcam with me. LOL.

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And finally...

This brings me back to my revived libido. LOL. I went commando coming from a run. I forgot to bring an extra pair. So I was forced. And I just felt so sexy throughout the day. I actually felt I was walking half-hard. LOL. Nothing obscene, though. My pants were quite loose that day. Yet the feel of my thingie brushing against fabric, and the thought that only that flimsy material separates ... hahaha

No. I'm not going commando regularly. But it may be an option for me if I find libido on the wane again. ;-)

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shocks. samahan nga kita minsan kuya. haha. tinamaan ako to the thought of you on commando. hawt! hehe