Monday, March 5, 2007

closet opening

05 march 2007

to: my skeletons
from: the company ceecee
subject: opening the closet


i am pleased to announce the launch of the blog, corporate closet, philippine-made. this will be a venue for the musings and a-musings of PLU operating for the past two decades in the homo-ambivalent(as opposed to being entirely, purely homophobic) corporate world.

success comes at a price - and this is the price. a request for anonymity while trying to express a long-suppressed soul. (that's not entirely true. :) i do express myself in the traditional places - gyms, locker rooms, malate - hahaha)

i am inspired by elders in the PLU blogworld like mgg, mcvie, gibbs (and one more blogger who will have to remain in anonymity) who get to have all the fun. last night was another great night with these seniors (not senior citizens). over a little alcohol, lots of peanuts and the occasional rantings of one whose budding (bading) romance quickly soured due to road rage (:)), i was encouraged to come OUT with a blog (pun intended). hence, corporate closet was conceptualized. full moon in the background.

expect secrets of success (as if), corporate exposes (wish list, actually), gym and badminton (the athletic side), gay catholicism (oxymoronic?), a bit of sex and romance on the side.

i hope to find time to update this regularly, despite being so busy at work and at play. hearing from you will certainly encourage me.

signed: the closet case or just plain cc


joelmcvie said...

PANALO! WINNER! TAGUMPAY! VICTORY-JOE! Mabuhay ang Corporate Closet!

"A bit of sex and romance"?! "A bit"?! ULOL!
Mwhahahaha! :-)

We want more memos to cum!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi CC, just stumbled onto your blog, can't remember what I was googling that I ended up here. I have enjoyed your posts very much and true to my voyeuristic tendencies, am very interested where life takes you. I especially am interested in your SAHC section/segment. As a romantic, I have always regretted attending co-ed schools. I'd love to talk/chat with you.


FIftyShadesOfQueer said...

Out of borefom at work, I realized that I haven‘t had any idea how this blog started. I decided to backread and I‘m excited to see how you have unraveled to the CC of today. ;)