Wednesday, March 7, 2007

unexpected places

i met the love of my life seven years ago... in an oh-party.

i wasnt expecting love certainly that night. i was so ready for a night of pure primal ecstacy. i have never been to an organized oh party before. oh sure i have had the trois and beyond but these were more spontaneous. and that's another post.

a few months before that party, i broke up with a partner of six years. no regrets. i loved him and he loved me but the relationship didnt work out. we tried all permutations and combinations to make it work, including a super-open relationship. alas, it wasnt meant to be. so i was just getting back into the swinging single phase and i was swingin'! i was dating and was in no hurry to get attached. i had offers, mind you.

then i get this first-ever invitation to attend an oh-party. i brought my horny jap friend and we arrived 1030pm, thinking it would be fashionably late. we were embarrassingly early. we probably looked as if we were gutom na gutom sa laman. we were greeted by a tisoy, bespectacled guy who looked too respectable to be there (and quite antipatiko looking pa to be the welcome committee). oh well. after an hour, the 'participants' started coming. and the sex started happening. but not in the true oh sense. it was more of 'islands of lust' and not one huge continent of intermingling flesh (which was my definition of oh). so i drifted from one island to another until i came upon a nice solitary soul by the dining table (eating food rather than... ) the gorging soul was 'welcome committee' himself. and we chatted. and chatted in the most intellectually erotic way. i loved the way we ended up teasing each other, without being overtly physical.

but all it took was one casual brush of my hand on his elbow as i whispered a point i was making... the proverbial spark or chemistry and we were going at it (kissing that is).

we didnt make out that night or the night after. what was supposed to be a truly casual encounter became a series of dates... and revelations. each revelation making me like him more. that oh party was in december. by february i was falling in love and i had to admit it. he was on the tail end of a relationship (which i thought would have signaled the end of what could have been ours).

a trip to romantic batanes sealed our commitment in april.

that was almost seven years ago. writing about it still brings back the kilig. yes, the love of my life i met in the most unexpected of places...


joelmcvie said...

My gulay, this single post is more revealing than several pages of your other blog. Bravo, bravo! :-)

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

pag-ibig sa gitna ng kangkungan, er kangkangan: posible.

hombre said...

may I say I experienced the same thing. met my partner of three years (and counting) in a somewhat same scenario..and I still feel the same 'kilig' too when we talk about it.