Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Endings: Lost

It all started with this article in Time Magazine which I read in May 2010. I got really curious with this line from the 2nd paragraph:

The 2½-hr. finale, on May 23, is the broadcast event of the year: the network is charging $900,000 per 30-sec. ad, more than anything save the Oscars and the Super Bowl.

And being a marketing guy, that made me VERY curious about the series. I didn't finish reading that article because it had spoiler alerts. But I told myself that I will eventually watch that entire series and only then will I go back to finishing the article.

From 2006 to 2010, the series ran and I never bothered to watch. Because I wasn't into watching TV as much then, especially around 2008-09 when I became swinging single officially. But the availability of the 'pirated dvd' of TV series also changed my series' viewing habits. Suddenly, I would be able to watch and follow a series at my convenience. So I started by catching up on Queer as Folk, the X-files, Six Feet Under and of course, Sex and the City.

Then came PC and torrents. I was a late torrents user. And techie PC oriented me on how to maximize the app. So I was freed from the hassle of going to Makatic Cinema Square. (Honestly, I never actually did. I never had the patience of going through stacks and boxes of titles. But my retired father did. And he had a suki. So all it took was for me to ask my dad to get me this or that title!). Nevertheless, being able to torrent the shows was one terrific tool for access, barring limitations of the downloading speed. PC himself watches and follows certain TV series. So he rekindled my interested in watching TV series. So I made a mental note to eventually download Lost.

So season by season, I started to get my episodes and began to be caught up in the show! I wouldn't say I became addicted. Because there were stretches of time I would not watch a single episode. So in a span of about a year, I finally finished all six seasons!

I watched Lost not because of the hunky guys, for they were few and far between. Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox) was crushie material because he was goodlooking enough, and he was lead character, and he was a smart surgeon. But he was never really eye candy. For me, only two guys stood out:

Boone (Ian Sommerhalder), who was killed of early on because he was kinda sho-shonga-shonga in the series.

and Nikko (Rodrigo Santoro) who had an even shorter appearance! Sawyer (Josh Holloway) is also hot but I grew tired of him early. And Jin's (Daniel Dae Kim) bod improved every season, but he was hipon for me. (choosy!)

And as series endings go, a lot of the characters magically re-appear. And with all the twists and turns in the philosophical underpinnings of the series, their appearance is sufficiently explained. Well, not all of them. I missed seeing big black dude, Mr Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), re-appear. His story made quite an impact on me.

I loved the way this series really rocked the mind, and kept me trying to figure it out. The ending didn't answer a lot of questions. But the writers said that they wanted it that way. Fine. And there are supposed to be hundreds of blogs that have scrutinized, analyzed the series to death. So maybe, one of these days, I'll visit some of those.

My only misgiving: it had no gay characters. So many guys stranded on an island? Some of them must have skinny dipped together once or twice!

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