Friday, June 15, 2012


Of TV series' and its seasons.

Again, the oc-oc in me just needs to finish something I started. Years ago, I started watching 'Desperate Housewives' because I enjoy watching female bonding! e.g. The Golden Girls and Sex and the City. But the real reason was John Rowlands (Jesse Metcalfe) the gardener. When I found out he was having steamy shirtless scenes while cutting grass and making out with Gabby Solis (Eva Longoria), I had to see for myself. Too bad he didn't last too long in the series.

I have always found Susan (Teri Hatcher) the prettiest, even back during the Lois and Clark days. Which is why I have always wondered why Gabrielle was the model. Susan also gets the hottest DILF, Mike Delfino (James Denton) the plumber. I never saw prettiness in Lynette (Felicity Huffman) so I wondered why Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) married her, and bore her all that children.

So I followed them all in their twisted and bizarre adventures, always with the soothing voice of the narrator, suicide victim Mary Alice, delivering the intriguing first lines and tying it all in the end. After 8 seasons, the series has folded shop. Just as I was growing really tired of them. hihihi. But as always, I love series' endings. I love the way they really try to summarize and explain the plot lines or at least have some sort of reunion in the end. In 'Desperate', all of those who died came back as ghosts. So it was bye-bye, Housewives, desperate no more.

I did my Glee Season 3 catching up over the weekend. And it seemed like a series ending. Half of them graduated, against all odds (Puck Puckerman [Noah Salling] made it). They won at Nationals, and returned to their school as heroes. And brightest star of them all, Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) was headed for Broadway, without marrying Finn Hudson (Corey Monteith). The series started with so much promise, and buzz. But it could only be sustained for so long. The plot was more wicked during season 1 and it was downhill since. It became downright sappy towards the end, with Coach Sue Sylvestre [Jane Lynch] giving bear hugs (what the??)

All in all, I still enjoyed the show and the music. And I can't help but compare it with the new series "Smash" which twitter-pals have been recommending. So PC and I started the series two weeks ago, and we are hooked. Is it so much better, as claimed by many?

The plot, and storyline, is definitely more adult, and more real life. The backdrop of a "musical in progress" made for more interesting musical numbers. And the AI subplot in Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee) brought in AI supporters. (Sorry but I'd have to say this girl looks like Kristen Stewart who could belt. I mean, how many facial expressions does she have? Three?)

But, but what I do like about Glee is that it was not as 'real'. It was deliberately quite 'fantastic', with sequences that make you just 'suspend reality and rationality.' And because of this, 'breaking into song' makes more sense. (Time suddenly stands still. They are transported to the stage, in full costume and make-up) When the characters of Glee suddenly belt out a number to express a sentiment, I accept it as part of the show.

I have a harder time with Smash. Being a lot closer to reality, with real adult conflicts, I find it harder to accept the 'break into song' sequences, with full orchestra in the background.

So I'm following Smash because of the intriguing storyline, the promise of catfights. hehe. But so far, it ain't got any singular male character I can actually find drool worthy, unlike Glee.

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Lone wolf Milch said...

im gonna miss the ladies from wisteria lane, i love this show

I also love glee cant wait for season 4

Anonymous said...

If you wish to see Jesse Metcalfe on series TV again, he's in the revival of "Dallas".

It just premiered days ago. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Love smash! Are you in the part where they intro uma thurman alread?

Meowfie said...

i was watching desperate housewives coz of andrew van der kamp LOL