Monday, December 17, 2012

cc quickie: back to the daily grind?

Installed Grindr again. Did my prowling around. Nothing much has changed. Torso everywhere. But so is FB and twitter nowadays. Lol.

Prowling. Prowling. A few hit me up to chat, despite the scarcity of information on the profile. I said "hello" back. Then came the request for face pics.

And I realized I don't have the energy nor the patience to go through this again.

Closed the app.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its not your thing anymore.

Seth said...


i also came to a certain point where i've proven to myself sex is easy to find if i knew where to look and cruising gets old

Victor Saudad said...

just get a fuck bud.

luke lacson said...

I echo what Anonymous said. :) Try the yema cupcake of slice. You'll forget your name. :)