Sunday, December 2, 2012

a fairytale. ending.

Once upon a time, there was a prince who lived in a kingdom far, far away.  He was a gallant, handsome young man, trained in the finer ways of the world.  His parents, the King and Queen, were so proud of him.  He was growing up in grace, and in time, he would be ready to rule the kingdom.

And as handsome princes go, many ladies from different kingdoms longed to be the princess by his side.  So, many balls were arranged for him to meet them all.  In one of those beautiful balls, he met this mysterious princess, and he was charmed.

Soon, he invited her over to his palace.  They talked and talked and found many things in common.  

They fell in love.  He called her my princess, and she called him her prince charming.  The engagement was finally announced.

The days that followed were pure bliss.  Days of togetherness, strolling in the gardens, riding horses, or simply enjoying sunsets at the balcony.  They were truly in love.

But such days were not meant to last.  Unknown to the prince, the princess had two souls - a bright, beautiful one and another: dark, evil, lustful.  

This was her deepest secret.  While one soul would be all good and loving, her other soul would be restless and mischievous and unfaithful.   And the battles of her two souls were tormenting her.

Her parents, aware of her struggle, put her away in a convent for years.  She learned to deal with her evil soul through prayers and sacrifices.  And for a while, it seemed like she succeeded.   

However, even as she enjoyed the beauty of true love in the arms of her prince charming, her evil soul re-awakened.  And on full moon evenings, as her prince lay peacefully in slumber, she would don a black hooded coat, and escape on a moonbeam.  She would do her dastardly deeds in the neighboring villages.  

The day of the wedding drew near.  She struggled and struggled to keep her evil soul from manifesting.  She sought more prayers, more rituals and incantations.  Yet just like clockwork when the moon was full, her evil soul would emerge.  And her good soul could not put up a fight.  

During one fateful night, as she was transforming, her prince charming awoke.  And he jumped out of the bed in fear at the sight of a witch in black on his bed.  The princess-witch, however, caught by surprise, froze by the moonlight.  

He approached her and pulled her hood.  And he understood.

Silver tears started streaming on her face as she slowly lifted her eyes to meet his.  With shame, she showed him her true color: her dark and evil soul.  Yet he still showed so much love, a love she would not understand nor deserve.

She looked at him and told him that all the love he had for her could not keep her from manifesting who she really was: both good and evil.  And for his benefit, and her peace, she bid him goodbye.  

She had grown tired of the daily battles of her twin souls.  And she could only accept this as her fate.  And though she pined for true love that would last eternity, that was something she would never have.

With one last kiss, she donned her cape and stepped on the moonbeam.  

And they didn't live happily ever after.

The End.


Tony said...

Na-sad naman daw ako dito. :(
Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. The duality of a person is a reality and we should accept it and not be afraid of it.

MkSurf8 said...


JohnM said...

Oh no. I thought yours would last for years to come. And no, having a dual self is no silly excuse for giving in to the 'other' side. We choose good because it's good. The opposite is true. I wish the prince charming is alright. This is just so sad.

PS. I admire you for being honest to him enough. You did the right thing of letting him go.

Anonymous said...

Bata pa kasi kaya iba yung hinahanap.

Frank Tan said...

I wished for the best. I really did.

bentoboxboy said...
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JohnM said...

OMG... Bentoboxboy is...
I guess this is what they call true love. *sob* ='<

Anonymous said...

Maybe now the princess will realize she wasn't meant to be in a monogamous relationship. Her duality will always keep her incapable of being faithful.

Seth said...

bentoboxboy's alternate ending sounds a lot better.

luke lacson said...

bentoboxboy's ending is nice. true love prevails. :) hakuna matata, CC! :)

Joseph Santos said...

we learn from every little bit. it's BS to say it's who you are. everyday we make our choices, and we redefine ourselves, every single day. that's the beauty of life.

you might not have been ready then, but it doesn't mean you can't be. can't be that guy? know that, and be as honest with your partner as your are with yourself. you want to be that guy? make it happen.

Joseph Santos said...

we learn from every little bit. sorry cc, but my two cents is it's BS to say it's who you are. it's the choices we make, everyday, that can change who we are. that's the beauty of life.

can't be that guy? let's be as honest with our partners as we are with ourselves. you did it, man up to it. you want to be that guy? make it happen and make your choice, every damned day. no matter how f*cking hard, no f*cking pun intended.

Meridell said...

"Hindi mo pwedeng mahalin ang isang tao nang hindi mo minamahal ang hilaga, silangan, timog at kanluran ng kanyang paniniwala."

Not enough to show only the desirable side. Kudos to your honesty. But please don't ask for more than what you can give.

Guyrony said...

You know what they say, you were once part of his world and so was he.

P.S. Yes, I am so late and outdated.