Saturday, December 15, 2012

Is this the Single Life?

Or is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality.

(Twisted the lyrics to Queen's anthem.)

Weekends are different again. No schedules set. Just doing what feels right at the time. Last weekend was different. I was in Japan, leaving Kyoto for Tokyo.

Met up with an old friend. Well, an old blogpost. hehe. He still looked great and young. Of course the dynamics now are totally different from the last time I was with him in Osaka two years back. Back then, we were in that in-between stage. And only because he was in a relationship. We never had an affair. We didn't even have sex. Yet we spent enough intimate moments to know that if things were different, we could have been.

Now we are just friends, ribbing each other. Hardly even talking about that period in our lives. But I know he will always have the special soft spot somewhere in me.

After dinner, I got to ride the shinkansen, the bullet train, from Kyoto to Tokyo. It had airplane-like amenities. And the 2.5hr trip seemed really fast. While on the train, I went through emo again, playing my super-emo break-up playlist. But I snapped out of it as I arrived in Tokyo.

I was welcomed by two friends I have met through my online persona. And they accompanied me to the hotel for check-in, before proceeding to the gay area - Shinkuku Nichome.

We went from Advocates to Dragon Men and just enjoyed the music, the booze and the eye candy. Both those bars are frequented by foreigners. Locals don't seem to be attracted to Pinoys. Being single, I started to feel the rush, and the pressure, to hook up again. And it seemed that there was almost a chance with this local who was looking my way. But it was only on our way out did we get a chance to talk. He turned out to be Thai. And it ended with a handshake.

The rest of the short stay in Tokyo was walking and snapping pics of the usual tourist haunts including Ginza, Shibuya and the Hachiko statue, Akahibara, Harajuku and the Meiji temple, Etc. Too much walking for me. My flat feet started to hurt. As in super painful. And the cold weather didn't help. Negative during certain times of the night.

I met up with a raider, then my kumpare. And that completed the journey. Moments when acquaintances transformed into friendships. I will always be grateful for having met them.

Back to reality now in dear, hot Manila. And free time during weekends to reacquaint with my self. Then in between, the dating game will commence. And perhaps, I will have the chance to practice my line "Hey, I'm not Mr. Right. I'm just Mr. Right Now."

Single life, it is.

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Anonymous said...

Single? I never saw this coming. Thought everything's right with you and him. Had to read back, I thought there should be a hint somewhere, so that was the princess's story? Sad naman. Hope you're ok. I'm sure you will be, enjoy being single for now, for sure there's someone for you somewhere. Ralph

luke lacson said...

I echo everything what Ralph said.. tsk. I also thought that he was really the one for you. Such is life. Such is life. I guess everything happens for a reason.

You'll get by, cc.. ikaw pa! :) Don't forget to stay fab while doing so. hehe do some paintings. Go Thrift shop hopping. It'll do wonders. :)

btw, try Kuppa at The Fort. Good comfort food from where I'm from - Bacolod. Try wimpys or french de luxe. hehe

Hakuna matata! :)

ONAI said...

welcome back to smb let me know if you come by Toronto one day... mErry and Happy to you B