Sunday, October 13, 2013

cc quickie: Done with SF

So that's San Francisco. Friends and family told me I came at a great time, when the climate is just about cooling down for autumn. It's nice to be back in the mainland again. Last time was 6 years ago! And that was east coast.

I enjoyed SF. Sites I have always wanted to see, sites i have seen in pictures and movies like forever. The highlights of course, are the bonding moments with family and friends, specially those I haven't seen in ages, or haven't met at all in person. I thought I'd be laboring through the family reunions. But I totally enjoyed them all. Maybe I am at that age where these things really matter now.

Castro on a Thursday night was a lot better than Monday. (Of course!) And though largely I felt like I was unnoticed, There were still some locals who paid some attention. And some harrassment. LOL But it was all in good fun.

Now I will see what LA has to offer.

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Anonymous said...

LA has no there there.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is a wonderful city. Very romantic especially with its trolleys. It's a good thing you got to see the Castro district. I had more fun though in San Diego. I think mainly because I got to go to a gay bar on my own and actually got to meet and make friends with locals :-)