Sunday, October 12, 2008

and speaking of drop-dead gorgeous

i met somebody who is actually drop-dead gorgeous. he's a commercial model but i guess he's past his prime. artistahin talaga. makes me wonder why he didnt become one. hearing him talk... well, he's not albert einstein. but so are a lot of artistas. but he actually doesnt mind the dumb blonde routine. we were with his boss-friend who actually kids around with him that way.

beautiful face, nothing to criticize. flawless. of course he knows it. of course people were all looking at him like "artista ba yun?" keeps his body trim but not buff.

my cavities ache looking at him. and my mind started to wander. ligiwan ko kaya eto. this is literally a 'trophy boyfriend'. people would probably find ways of stabbing me. or worse, they'll be putting a price tag on his head. or wonder what he saw in me. hahaha

thought balloon burst. better off just admiring the guy. hehe


Vince said...

Good for you. Trophy boyfriends are just not worth it. :-)

borg_queen said...

Who cares about intelligent conversations? I want them beautiful idiots! I can get off just watching them read a phone book (if they can read at all). ahahaha!

Quentin X said...

If I were you I'd go for it. But then, I am just being shallow.

closet case said...

hi vince. i guess they serve a purpose other than 'boyfriend'. =)

hahahaha! love that, borg_queen! they can just pose the entire time!

hmm. i am thinking about it but i dont want to work too hard. and he looks like he'll make me work for it. thanks, quent!

Anonymous said...

i say "go for it." if it's beyond the superficial, go for it. why worry about "stabbers" and what others would say.

- angelo 0=)

Ming Meows said...

trophy boyfriends?

bad investment.

only do that when you're filthy rich.

Conventional Wisdom said...

Hi there.

But the question begging to be asked is "do you think he swings THAT way?" If yes, I'd say go for it.

If not, then it will be futile. But assuming he'd still sleep with you since "niligawan (gifts?) mo sya", would you want it that way? Sabi nga ni ate vi "damaged you do, and damaged you don't." Lol.


joaqui_miguel said...

I'd say go for it. hehehe

Yum Yum. lol

Anonymous said...

i know the feeling.. abercrombie types can really make one question one's face value.. i tend to keep the dating parts minimal and maximize bedtime hehe..
= jb

fenestrations said...

just have sex with him once. one squirt and it's over. mystery gone.

trey said...

they say most modelesque men are bad in bed because they don't have to put in much effort since they're already beautiful.

you should go for it, cc. and prove/disprove that theory.


closet case said...

hi angelo. the kilig factor wore off fast. hehe

hi ming meows. trophies have their place. in the shelves. but sometimes, you'd just like to put them on display. hehe

hi conventional wisdom. damaged is right! hahaha. i think he swings all ways. thanks!

the kilig wore off na, joaqui. end of story. hehehe

hiya jb! very good advice! now let me have a taste of abercrombie when i get there!

true, fenestrations. but i dont think it will even go there!

hahaha. well, ill test that theory on someone else, trey! thanks!